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  1. No video proof. Please learn to follow instructions.
  2. His user i.d. is -51944EF01E08EB56-
  3. Now mysteriously my roof is gone.
  4. Chlen_v_jope teleported into my base and just killed me. Then he killed me over and over and detroyed my stuff and despawned my gear. He is on u.s.13. I got what screen recordings i can grab. Please patch this. He seemed to have come in through the roof as he landed on my head before i started recording. You can also see that he was despawning my stuff near end of clip
  5. About 87 ping average and goes higher or lower depending if there are ither players, furnaces going on or there are lots of buildings.
  6. I do not understand why there are so many non English speakers in U.S. servers. There is literally about 4 or 5 per lobby that speak English. All else is Russian or Spanish. I can not even communicate with anybody. Also compared to these non U.S. people my ping/lag is tremendous! I am on a commercial 1tb connection so I know it's not me. There is a very blatant advantage for non U.S. players on ALL the servers.
  7. Kigga

    Server wipe

    Nothing wiped for me
  8. Kigga


    On oxide survival island server US5
  9. Comes on intermittently and just griefs entire server. Definitely speed hacks. I have no scren record as I don't know how. That is his full name attached.
  10. Kigga

    SoK hacker.

    No footsteps and headshots in the dark. Not once not twice, but several times.