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Found 29 results

  1. Cheater machine #25
  2. 1.NickName hacker: Сот 2 2.Server: 7 EU 3.Topic: killed through the wall 4.proof: Новый проект [20F99F7].mp4
  3. my second report yet, ive come here to report 2 cheaters that are ruining the server US9, context is. my teammates were minding their business.. until these two showed up and tried killing them. danger and chize. they've tried to raid us, and now we're at war with them. currently my teammates are trying to hold them back. here are the clips, and most of all, their usernames. Kavik11, chize11.0, danger.02 please take notice of this ASAP and goodluck to the company.
  4. There’s a duo of hackers on server US 2. They have aim bot one of the hacker kill me with 3 heads shoot. Names Are BLAKSP and Sasuke-03
  5. This player is one of the biggest hackers in the game this is player name and Proof of him hacking,he has a YouTube channel were he hacks His username in game is AMIR7
  6. Не раз замечался за использованием аима в игре, просьба забанить данного игрока
  7. Please ban player named "Jovachitiko." And LEO because they are killing everyone in server US 3 with flying hack and speed hack. Here are some proof of their action please do something about it to make game fair and clean thank you ! Screenrecorder-2022-07-01-10-06-36-684(0)(0)(0)_1.mp4
  8. vzao

    some hacker

    so this guy in us #8 is exploiting and apparently i died to a cliff, i just want to clear out that i am not mad that i died only disappointed that people that exploit are still on the game. an explanation, so basically me and my friend Achilles_45 was defeating my enemies which whom raided me when we were first in the server. we won and when we were about to go home, my friend got attacked by J6 and disconnected, i thought he was beatable so i tried. ive hit multiple shots on him and yet still hasn't died, the pictures clearly show him exploiting, except for the 2nd one which just shows his name, the story into the 3rd picture is just him speedhacking. i hope you can blacklist this person in every server permanently and more success to the company.
  9. The user oxfodi is cheating, using all sorts of hacks. he raided my team. Here is the video proof
  10. Viorok


    20 EU игрок CHINA#NOOB использует читы примите санкции на игрока
  11. Please BAN Cheater РАЗРУШИТЕЛЬ8 he has a WallHack, FLY Hack, Spid Hack .
  12. Sem título 3_1080p.mp4
  13. Sem título 1_720p.mp4
  14. Sem título_1080p.mp4
  15. Багоюзер со спидхаком на 2 EU сервере убивает, через отключение Интранета и спидхаком с калаша зажимает… только что потерял очень много ресов, забаньте его пожалуйста, ник: “goody V2” символами
  16. good night, please ban the cheater nick бебриоо bebrioo ev 10 server 20220408_360p.mp4
  17. Nickname - f3. server - eu32 FullSizeRender.MOV
  18. good evening cheater nickname LT Farmers 20220330_360p.mpeg
  19. There are a few people who shoot through walls in this server. Check it out cmon
  20. Ban pls! Nickname - FTLY2. Server - EU32 FullSizeRender.MOV
  21. Pls ban cheater! nickname - FTLY2 server - EU7/EU32 FullSizeRender.MOV
  22. very disturbing to play, take action! block him nickname -Kv1n3y server 32 EU FullSizeRender.MOV
  23. Ban cheater pls! Server eu32 nickname - mokiiii FullSizeRender.MOV