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  1. Server 50 eu: ID: 4ACF0445D6D2AFE2 Used: aimbot Proof:
  2. Hello! It's been a while since I came back to this game and I was blown away by this player.😅😐😑. Hopefully the next update will be better than now. Good luck developer.
  3. Hey Catsbit please check this thread, I caught new cheaters here.
  4. REPORTING PLAYERS USE FRAUD: IMPORTANT! Hey Catsbit i want to say today was my worst day i caught a player raiding my house with cheat he used cheat called spiderman and raided my roof me with pickaxe, he took away a lot of my resources easily, I went in and saw it all and he escaped using kick. If you were me you would understand how I felt when I was raided by a cheater and lost everything. Hope you believe in ban this cheater as soon as possible. I have the following proofs: - Photo of the damage of the house: - Fraudster profile picture:
  5. This player uses cheats, please ban him.
  6. Here's proof take a look and ban both players above.
  7. Hey Catsbit, Please ban the above two cheaters: ID: 4CA4D5CD1A56879A (aimbot), ID: DC4711F8892AFC40 (spiderman).
  8. This player uses cheats and climbs other people's houses, please ban him. https://youtu.be/nzmMOgxXMWs
  9. Hello! Sorry I've been absent for a long time and I caught a pretty horrible cheater, please ban the above player.
  10. This player uses cheats, please ban him. https://youtu.be/VMSGGPYpVl8
  11. This player uses aimbot and shoots everyone on the server. Everyone is desperate to bring this cheater to justice and I've got some proof for you I hope you ban this player. ID: 851A1C88887E5E9E.
  12. Please ban the above three cheaters.
  13. Hey Catsbit, I have three new cheaters here.
  14. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  15. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  16. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  17. Hey catsbit please see my suggestion, if you find it good please feedback.
  18. When you add a store that sells resource items, fraudsters start abusing it. So I think you should change the cost of the money of the goods into scrap to let people collect for themselves to make the game more meaningful. I hope it will be changed in the next update.
  19. Hi I bought a helicopter from the game's store. It's great but I don't know how to maintain it, someone please help me.
  20. Hey catsbit, please check the thread I have two new cheaters here.
  21. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  22. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  23. 3. Resource gathering and crafting. - Resource gathering: + Stone Hatchet: Tree = 2 or 3 log, Stone = 4 or 5 stone, Metal Ore = 1 or 2 metal ore, Sulfur Ore = 1 or 2 sulfur ore. + Axe: Tree = 5 or 6 log. + Pickaxe: Stone = 8 or 10, Metal Ore = 3 or 4 metal ore, Sulfur Ore = 3 or 4 sulfur ore. + Slot machine for mining, it's only available in town and your chance to pick it up is very rare. - Crafting: + Changed the crafting cost of items and weapons: • Stone Hatchet: 10 stick and 10 stone. • Arrow: 1 stick. • 5.56 bullet: 2 gun powder, 2 metal fragment. • .44 bullet: 1 gun powder, 1 metal fragment. • Shell: 3 gun powder, 2 metal fragment. • Rocket: 125 gun powder, 100 metal fragment. • Workbench: 100 log, 20 metal fragment, 50 scrap. • Rocket Launcher: 10 cloth, 35 metal fragment, 15 scrap. • Armored door: 40 metal fragment, 25 scrap. - Crafting time: + Arrow = 1s + 5.56 bullet = 3s + .44 bullet = 1s + Shell = 5s + Gun powder = 1s + High Wooden Wall = 30s + High Wooden Gates = 45s => Quote from the topic: NHỮNG GỢI Ý TUYỆT VỜI NHẤT. This is the best and most standard suggestion for a survival game, but instead of Catsbit agreeing, he does the opposite and the game is getting worse and worse. I am so sad. I always suggest the best and the missing in this game to make the game more interesting. If you are reading this please review and include. This is a game that gave me a lot of memories so don't spoil it Catsbit.
  24. - Maybe the metal armor seems too strong so pvp with a player wearing that armor is not very feasible. - I came up with the following damage resistance stats for armors: 1. Wooden armor: 25% protection. 2. Bone armor: 40% protection. 3. Leather armor: 60% protection. 4. Metal armor: 75% protection. I hope you will accept my proposal, Catsbit.