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  1. Zale

    Anvil repair

    Didn’t see it in the notes. Why would that be added?
  2. Zale

    Anvil repair

    Been having a problem with repairing. If I close the anvil screen while something is repairing, the resource disappear but the item is not repaired. I have to stay in the screen until it is done.
  3. Zale

    Wall hacker

    Server us 18. William:0. Just logged in in he was chilling inside my base. All doors locked, no raid damage
  4. Zale

    Sleeping bags

    Can the size of the sleeping bag be reduced a little? It shouldn’t take up half of a square.
  5. Zale


    Only been playing a couple of weeks. Just wondering,is there a wipe schedule?
  6. Let me add my name to the players who get kicked for cheating every five minutes.