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  1. bro fix this anti-cheat kicking, literally can't play the game for 5 mins without a kick and it takes another 10 to get back into the server... FIX IT PLS???????
  2. stop it... so around thursday is what you're saying.
  3. so we finna wait another 2 months for a couple simple updates just to play the game...
  4. i'm going insane bc i can't play??
  5. moderation gonna last 5 days -_-
  6. i'm losing my mind bro, gimme this update for IOS??
  7. when will IOS be off moderation and updatable?
  8. how about fixing TC's not dropping loot after destroyed and make jumping in this game higher so we can actually raid or add ladders bc sheesh
  9. why is my phone not getting any update for this, i have IOS and been waiting all day still nothing cmon dawg