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  1. Well, Castbit, that has nothing to do with an example. I made a Mansion, but the closet says that it costs 1,356 wood, but I put 786 wood in total. The house should last about 11 hours, it's a mistake, and Castbit also put the biggest closets._ .
  2. suggestions (1) Increase the Cabinet Slot (2) Rocket's damage is spreading practically across the entire base, decreasing the explosion's range. • A wall blast range looks great. (3) Make it difficult to craft weapons in scrap. • 150 scrap pistol, 500 scrap rifle, 550 scrap assault rifle, 1000 scrap bazooka, 1200 scrap rocket. • It's extremely easy to seize weapons as is! (4) Increase the "life" of wall, full metal doors to 1000. (5) add equipment for weapons, flashlight, 1X, 4X and 8X scopes, silencer, etc. (6) And what can't be missed is, after the player disconnects he must sleep in the place, depending on how you can do it, either let the player sleep in the place after disconnecting or leave only the player's backpack (loot) with the name . URGENT! • It's annoying to be in PVP and the player disconnects. (7) Option to change Nick, Login with E-mail and hours played. (8) Option to upgrade the walls (9) Add ladder (10) add Melee weapon (11) Increase bow speed after firing. • add fire arrowhead / 35 damage. (13) Enlarge the map and add new locations like abandoned hospital, caves, abandoned ship, houses etc. (14) Add Foundation, Ceiling and Triangular Wall. (15) Lower the white tone of the snow ( Ice). (16) Random drop (item box) on the map to make the game more competitive and livelier. (17) add Store: Door and Furnace Skins (18) Add SENTRY for base protection. (19) Option to remove buildings (20) Add new weapons (SMG) (21) Fix the Rocket issue, the explosion still goes through the wall and breaks things inside the base. take into account!
  3. Well if it were me in the store I would put types of hair for the characters, types of skins for your character, types of hats and clothes that say oxide survival
  4. It would be Epic if they put the walls higher or put iron wires on the wall so that you want to climb it, it hurts
  5. Putting a triangular wall will be a good option so that you do not spend so much wood in your house, you see that spending 15 wood costs 10 wood
  6. I think there is no solution for now
  7. Have you tried reinstalling the game? I used it but it didn't work What device do you play on? Redmi 9T and I would like the game to be compatible with my phone Characteristics (4 RAM) (4G) (64GB) (Snapdragon 662) (Android 10) (MIUI12) (LTE Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G/5G Bluetooth 5.0 USB-C NFC
  8. My phone is a Redmi 9T 4 Ram 64 GB I live in Cuba but the bad thing is that you speak English and you don't know how to speak Spanish but that you understand me you have to improve ping and he assured you that your game will be famous today I saw 1128 people I hope you had a happy Christmas
  9. 1-When the players who disconnect the posts that fall asleep on the ground please I spent 37 bullets for fun 2-grass on the floor to hide the bodies 3-put more tools and weapons and animals