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  1. Hello @Catsbit [Here I bring suggestions for the next Update that will be on Halloween] 1-For the update there C4 to derive bases without the need to use basuca 2-Also stop the update put when you want to disconnect it to be 3 seconds because it is very unfair when you are killing a person it disconnects so as not to steal their materials 3-Put bandages for when you are a PvP you heal this will be a good idea Catsbit [Well I can't think of anything else just to add the game's errors xD I hope you liked my Catsbit ideas for others If you have ideas, leave it in the comments so Catsbit can see it]
  2. LeoMasterZ

    Update News

    What do you think my brother ? also Catsbit said that each update will reset the servers
  3. Future means months ?
  4. Seriously Catsbit you haven't added the fucking bug of the bullets without damage no one cares about the recovery of stone and iron walls or the most solid locker my opinion is that you have to add when you break an oven or a chest the things that are inside it doesn't disappear and also fix the distance 2000 to 2500 it's very low if I uploaded it it would be better but may these ideas help you in the next update: v
  5. hello catbit You have to increase the distance it was ugly just look there you see the difference
  6. Este Hacker me estΓ‘ molestando mucho me quita las ganas de jugar pero encontrΓ© su canal solo mira Catsbit el se llama Duglas Mods https://youtu.be/aJggXpsckAM
  7. https://youtube.com/channel/UCcIPuKsQwS3InMi3lJ9OqdQ This YouTube is the best to discover many hackers I hope Catsbit that you report them The YouTuber speaks Spanish but it doesn't matter there are all his videos
  8. hola catsbit hoy les voy a hablar de los errores que tiene el juego 1-Hay un error que cuando matas a un animal con una herramienta o arma, la sangre no suena, suena como una piedra 2- Hay que poner mas reciclaje no veo casi ninguno por el camino si pudieras poner mas reciclaje seria mejor para esos que para los nuevos integrantes del juego
  9. Es It's true, Ami, it didn't matter even when you kill a bear or you don't hear blood, you hear stone
  10. Yes, but more importantly, the project at least for once sends a test and with that you have my vote and everyone's ?
  11. And how do we know if you are going to carry out this project, I want training? Proofs, your words have no value at least for once, we will have a test, it does not matter if the world you are taking on is ugly, what matters is that it is true, is it not xAnony? Greetings LeoMaster ☺️
  12. Thanks bro I don't know why Catsbit doesn't put you in charge of sending your information and Catsbit has more time to update the game ?
  13. Catsbit if I were also a discor page why here you can't send videos and this page has many errors if you can fix it when you send a video if you fix it I can send you a video that shows 20 errors that the game has :3
  14. Hello cat 1-(Question) Will the game update open new weapons and tools? 2-(Question) Have you already fixed the lag error of the characters? 3-(Question) Did you improve the Anti-cheating in this update? 4-(Question) Did the errors in the game improve? 5-(Question) In the update you will be able to wear stikers ????? well Catsbit waited for you to read this message ?
  15. And worse than that I have seen a video of yours that you said that they passed it on to you that it was a hack that the characters have huge heads
  16. Castbit there is an application that you can multiply the game and you can enter with another account or better to explain it (ID) to the game that's why there are many Hackers if you want I'll send you a video that I've seen on YouTube better I'll leave you the erlase
  17. https://youtube.com/shorts/H2muT4frRjo?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/-88DMv30w8I?feature=share ZAKONE INVISIBILITY HACK TokioHack Super Speed Hack
  18. Salvador:( IMCHILTUPAPA https://youtu.be/8aWKziRCVxs IMCHILTUPAPA Super Speed Hacker Super Speed Hacker Salvador:(
  19. Well, the most I would like is to have a triangular house and the sever increase in (70 ping)
  20. That is true, how do we know if they are going to update? I ask you for a replication @xAnonyPowerZ