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  1. This player is one of the biggest hackers in the game this is player name and Proof of him hacking,he has a YouTube channel were he hacks His username in game is AMIR7
  2. Can u change my name here is my ID and username Make my Name Nightmare√ to NightZS
  3. This Hacker is very racist to his prey After killing them they trash talk them And Doesn't stop following u in game So u lose a lot of time grinding cause he just gets its all here proof
  4. Ban What alt Username:metanga became even more toxic
  5. Guy made me depressed Name:WHÀT ? Reason: Bullying Description of him:So this guy was my team and I just finished farming and I was looking through the map then he AR me and I lost 1k metal ore and 500 sulfur ore then I got mad and told him that his out of the clan Then he say Fuck me And who I am to remove him He even took my friend so my friend teamed with him and they both assaulted me But my friend say sorry Proof is here Bobo means dumb by the way no need to translate
  6. Guy made me depressed Ar me in the head while looking through the map he is my team but he killed me Name:WHÀT ? Server:Us9 REASON OF BANNING HIM:Racism using N word even tho his not black and talked bad about my family
  7. I Hate when people that has hacks And they are even Making there name invisble or No Name By Just putting Emoji into it It is hard to play because even tho u can be able to record them they cant be banned because of that do we need admins Or Emoji Name Remove So If someone tries to hack any player will be safe
  8. Name:Sargent_pepp and Sargent So this Players was being toxic Sargent and Sargent_pepp is the same Idk if what is his main So Catsbit I would like if u would Ban them both
  9. Username:Gelo Cruz and Axden
  10. I can give U proof me texting my friend
  11. thats not me I was not online that time i was chatiing my friend memeioTY to play other games
  12. Jisphy friend got angry when I Reported his teammate And even bullying some people here is proof,Axden is blaming me that it's my fault and stop reporting and I'm cry baby I got proof of him bullying someone,I didn't got a proof when he was bullying me cause he knows I'm taking a screenshot so I went on alt and I saw him bullying others
  13. ye i also mentioned it in my report