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  1. Yasin


    Please oxide survival island discord server
  2. Yasin


    Yes, I saw it on server 16, the man took off and went like a bird
  3. Yasin


    1-optimization should come first, the game is tight 2-spears should not be thrown only, we should be able to hit them like sticks 3-loot areas should be expanded and more loot boxes should come and learn items should come out of them 4-we should be able to destroy the walls we made or any builds 5-doors should be able to be dismantled 6-new armor should be added 7-c4 and dynamite should be added 8-don't build close to loot areas 9-knife, crossbow, larger chest, can be put anywhere vertical ladder, steel mine and upgrades, sticks should be added 10- furnace, campfire and torch the fps of the game drops