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  1. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Please let me know if this idea works. Thanks!
  2. Below are the pictures for reference. - HUDS: Be able to adjust and change it's size, the opacity, be able to remove if we don't like it. - Graphics: Low, Med, High for those who have low to high end phones. - Skins: For guns, bows, better way to support you more by purchasing skins. TOP Concern: The whole map, increase the size of trees and grasses and all of the surroundings so people can strategize and hide there and build bases, wait for enemies, etc. Make it not like rust but like close to it just like the view in retract. I really like the potential of this game and I'm willing to support it all the way and for devs to have more energy I think the pay should increase so I suggest creating more content like skins where we can purchase is the best way to support you.
  3. Can you add in Asia or SouthEast Asia Servers? Joining EU or US here in my country sucks as the high ping is a problem.