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  1. 8 hours ago, Idon'tknow said:

    Dear dev's of oxide, after lauching a anty-cheat update, this suggestions can be used im next update/updates. (Some od this suggestions have been earlier mentioned). Let's go with suggestions:

    -bushes- they will Sławno at forest, playera can collect from bushes 5 cloth and 3 berries (berries can be eated or cooked for tea) 

    -tea- to get tea, players need to cook 5 berries. Tea woudl be a stronger alternative to ester 

    -bandage- they will cost 5 cloth (per one), can be stacked to 6, they will heal 15 HP on 5 seconds, can be founded in boxes (1-3). Players can use bandages in move.

    -canned food- can be founded in boxes (1-3), stronger alternative to coocked meat, after eating, players gets empty can, that can be smelted for 2 metal frags

    -higher scrapa drop- to barells from 5 to 15 and on boxes from 10 to 25 

    -higher reasources drop- stone hachet mayby can have a wood drop from 1-4, metal drop 1-2 and sulfur drop 1-2. Axe mayby can have same wood drop like a stone drop with pickacks. Pickacks coudl have a metal/sulfur drop 1-4 

    -bone knife- crafting: 1 bone, 1 stone and 2 cloth. Woudl deal a 30 dmg per hit 

    -metal knife- only can be founded in boxes, woudl deal a 40 dmg per hit, woudl be a beat tool to collect reasources from dead Animals.

    -machete- 50 scrap to unlock, crafting: 15 metal, 10 wood and 5 cloth, woudl deal a 50 dmg per hit, can be founded in boxes.

    -leather armor gets nerf- this armor is little bit to good and needs to be nerfed. Now leather helmet/boots needs a 25 scrap to unlock and body/leggins woudl need a 50 scrap. Dmg resistan woudl be deacresd from 75% to 60% 

    -grass- can be founded in forest, woudl give 2-5 grass, from this you can Craft rope

    -rope- can be crafted from 10 grass, or be founded in boxes (1-2). 3 ropes woudl be need to Craft bow.

    -bow gets nerfed- dmg for heatshot deacreasd to 40 dmg, and for body deacreasd to 20 dmg. Cost would be cheaper: 3 ropes and 15 sticks. Can't be founded in boxes

    New weapon! -crossbow- can be unlock by 75 scrap, needs to craft a 10 metal, 20 wood and 5 ropes. Woudl deal a 60 dmg to head and 30 dmg to body. Can be founded im boxes with 5 arrows 

    -stabing with spear- you can use spear as melee, stabing woudl only deal damage like it was hited in body.

    New armor type! -metal armor- cost to unlock helmet/boots is 100 scrap and to unlock body/leggins is 200 scrap. Crafting woudl needs a leather armor, metal frags and leather (mayby metal helmet coudl have a face mask)

    -buff to shotgun- 120 dmg to head and 60 dmg to body, 4 ammo magazine 

    -higher prices to ammo, and new type- 44 new cost woudl be a 3 metal/gunpowder. 5.66 new cost woudl be 4 metal/gunpawder. Shotgun shells woudl cost a 5 metal and 4 gunpowder. 7.62 (new ammo type for huntrifle) woudl be 6 metal/gunpawder 

    -split workbench to lvl 1 and 2. Lvl 1 coud have a b-hamer (new price: 25 scrap) m-axe/pickacks (new prices: 25 scrap), lamp (new price: 25 scrap), metal door (still 100 scrap), machete (50 scrap), cross bow (75 scrap), revolver (100 scrap, and 50 for amoo), full leather armor (helmet/boots - 25 scrap, body/leggins - 50 scrap) and workbench lvl 2 (300 scrap). Crafting to lvl 2 workbench woudl be a 100 wood, 100 scrap and 50 metal frags. Lvl 2 workbench coudl have a rest od reciepies (with metal armor)

    -horses- 6 gitara coudl be spawn at map, every 4 hours. Every horse woudl be deleted and respawned. Horses woudl be half time raster than running player 

    New location! -bandit camp with bandits- on camp players can but food (water and cooked meat), armor (leather armor), weapons (crossbow,revolver, shotgun) and cars. If some player will start shooting to bandits, they will shot for every player they ser for 5 minutes. Bandits coudl be weared with metal armor, and gired with huntrifles/autorifles.

    New map! -2x time bigger map- new map coudl have a 6 to 8 gas stations and 3 to 4 factories (city/village) and 1 bandit camp.

    -toolboxes- can be lootet in garage at gas stations, woudl have a 2-10 fuel, 2-5 scrap, 1 engine part/wheel, Axe/pickacks 

    -cars- can be buyed at bandit camp (normal- 200 scrap, haves a 500 HP, armored - 500 scrap, haves a 2000 HP). Cars woudl need 3 engine parts and 4 wheels (if gets shooted many times, it woudl broker). Normal car coudl be 2,5 times raster that running player (1,5 raster than horse). Armored car coudl be a 2,0 raster than running player (1,0 faster than horse). Cars coudl have a 10 slots trunk, 4 seats. Player can instal lock to car  to avoiding stealing. 

    Leave comment about what you think about it. 

    (I think, this suggestions woudl be split to 2 or more updates)

    (Sorry for this two topics, but I miss clicked /: )

    Half of those suggestions aren’t good yk friend. You want a knife to do to high of damage lol. You also want a crossbow to do 60 damage?!?! That’s more then the rifle and ar does by a far run. Leather armor is not overpowered either. It takes 3 headshots for a kill or 2 headshots and 2 body shots. You are aiming towards making it just like rust lol 

  2. Speed hacking and foundation glitching which is bannable right?.I don’t got a video of him speeding cause my phone got laggy but here’s proof of him hiding in foundation. tumbalacasa is his name  4A7A094C-535E-45E0-95A9-D4E500C29B98.thumb.png.8c0fc9980dc25a1b894f229b9f075a3a.png

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  3. 6 hours ago, PotatoGuy_13 said:

    So, i played the game a long time ago, and i played it again whit this new update.

    They impressed me alot and probably many of the old players too, what can I say?, they made alot of things better, sure still whit alot of things to fix and add.

    As an honest review, I'm my opinion they only made the map bigger and added 3 structures, added the rockets, added wall upgrades, some more items and that's it.

    I got nothing wrong whit this, since the team is not that big, But the Chad update took like 2 years to make, now imagine how long will it take for the next one, but hey, if they updated it that means they care about their game. (no really, survival simulator was a hacker Market whit no new products)


    Anyways, i have some suggestions for the improvement of the game and probably for more content


    1- Better AI: So you know animals right?, Well as you may know some animals when attacked (from long range) are like ?, they don't move, this is something that should be changed, like when a player attacks an animal (long range), they will track the first player that did the damage to it and follow it.

    1.5- Deer Fix: As you may know, if you are next to a deer, it will freeze and not move, Wich is something that should be changed, since this would make the game alot easier.

    2- [Prob Patched] No-clipping thought walls: no, this is not a hack, it's a bug that when u run into a Basel, u could no-clip into it and either watch, attack or steal, this makes the gameplay VERY BAD, because all of that farming will just go in no time, the bug itself happens sometimes and not on every base, but still.

    3- [Buff] Wooden/Iron Spear: So you may know that the spear doesn't have a MEELE ATTACK, this is literally dumb since it's supposed to have a MEELE attack, and the only thing u can do whit it is  T r o w  it, the spear itself is a BAD weapon, since u need A LOT of patience and practice for one even to land, not mentioning the only good use is killing animals altrought it's expensive and unefficient, so yeah spears need a meele attack.

    4- Map Generation: So, all the maps are practically the same thing, which makes it boring sometimes since u know the best spots of the map, the map should have a Procedural or Random Generation, Structures spawning near the center of the map and a bit far away from beach/Spawn, this would improve alot the gameplay since u would have to play more whit strategy. ( not actually since u would just need to farm recourses like crazy to obliterate the server )

    5- Aim Assist: Ah yes, the aim, it sucks, itself it's already hard to aim good and land hits, unless ur literaly 2mts from the player, then all u have to do is spam the fire button and pray, i would request an aim assister that follows the player whit a low delay to not make it like aimbot, for me this is very useful and necessary since in mobile it's kinda hard to aim [not in every game], because fights rn are just spam, pray, and being 2cms near a player to land a few hits.

    6- Modded Servers: What i want whit this is that some of the server that are being used (1 or 2), be changed to modded servers [2x,3x,4x,5x,etc], this could make the game have a bit more of content in gamemodes style.

    7- Raid/Damage Alert: This would be like a little GUI that will show the damaged structures and structures that were destroyed, naming the players that did it, this could be good for information since sometimes we don't know if our base is getting raided when we are farming.

    8- New Models: so you may know the game has the same model for all the recourses (Trees,Rocks,Metal,Sulfur), i would suggest to add 1 or 2 new models (not for all of them) but for some of them, because its kinda ugly seing a game whit the same model.


    There are by far more suggestions, but that will be for another day, PotatoGuy leaves.

    -some things might be fixed so don't argue about it




    Hey there! Just wanted to give my opinion on your points.

    1. The Ai works properly in my opinion besides the deer, animals do follow you, but at the same time if you shoot an animal from long range they should aggro on you because it would be considering strategical.

    2.There is not a no clipping glitch to go through bases, unless you mean the stone foundation glitch, besides that No clipped has been patched at the moment.

    3. The wooden spear is a wooden spear it shouldn't be good. But I do agree on it their being a melee attack, the Iron spear is good, It one shots fresh spawns in the head. Test it!

    4. I think it would be difficult to have map generation and would take some time, I think the biggest importance would just be more things to do, The game is still in a fresh state in my opinion and I think they need to add more structures or possibly puzzles, more ways to accomplish loot and more items.

    5. I do not agree, neither do the admins. Aim assist would add the possibility to add Aim Bot, Plus aiming isn't that hard my friend, Just takes practice and skill. I hit plenty of shots, I have 1v10 players before because I have a lot of practice. I do not understand why people complain so much.Just practice! So Aim assist would not be a well addition.

    6. Its quite easy to get loot at the moment, Before they add any types of different servers they just need to add more items, things to do, 

    7. No their should be no indication of who raids your base, And you should be able to know when you are getting raided if you are near your base because the sound of rockets are decently loud when in a certain proximity. Oxide is not supposed to be an easy game, you spawn, farm, build a base, research, pvp, raid, get raided, and do it all again. Part of the game.

    8. I agree but you must remember this is a mobile game so do not have your expectations so high, Yet the devs are very talented so We have some fun stuff to come in the future.

    This is all my opinion and just a response. - Nathan

  4. 5 minutes ago, ALEXIS said:

    Hay un hacker sin nombre en el serve US#16 

    Bneenlo lo antes posible esta malogrando el serve 

    no puede simplemente decir que hay un hacker, necesita mostrar pruebas, averiguar el nombre o tomar un video o captura de pantalla mi amigo <4

  5. On 3/11/2022 at 2:10 AM, Catsbit.Care said:

    Hi everyone, 

    I have to say a few words about our absence: 

    We had some personal issues + we had to move to another office, that's why we were silent for a long time and the work on the update was suspended. 

    Now we are back and we hope to please you with the update in the nearest future. 

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience

    All your messages on the forum will be approved, read and repplied. 


    Btw thanks @xAnonyPowerZ and other players for assistance in helping. 


    Welcome back! I have some important information you and @xAnonyPowerZ would find interesting! Check your messages! Glad to have you guys back!

  6. On 3/2/2022 at 8:24 AM, LavishFox said:

    Need to implement a way to blacklist a player from a server after so many times getting kicked. Maybe have the ban last a set or progressive amount of time.

    This wouldn't work, You can easily get kicked for not cheating, and if people could just vote to kick/ban They would do it to randoms. As in I am hated on my server for killing the hackers and everyone and they would instantly attempt to kick/ ban me.

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  7. Just wondering whats an estimated time for the next update or wipe so we a prepared this time. Also I would suggest informing content creators so whenever there is going to be a wipe so that they could possibly make it clear and let other players know within videos! :) Thank you -Nathan

  8. 12 hours ago, Catsbit.Care said:

    ?? he's not among players playing right now, i've checked in the system and in the players list in the game 

    any screenshot? 

    Anti rad was on. I killed him but there was 2 other hackers and I could not do anything at the time nor screenshot because i could not risk losing what I had on me.

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  9. I uninstalled the game and my data disappeared, i wasn’t banned. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard about my account considering I get called a hacker daily because I know how to aim lol. But I tested it, once you uninstall the app it deletes your account and I believe that’s why I lost my original account.

  10. When is the next planned update, and what could we expect? Your game is becoming extremely popular. I think not only should servers be bigger, but maybe a few admins moderating, possible a scope for the rifle but make it expensive or like you have to defeat some type of npc. I also suggest teams in game so you can see their blue logo above and etc. 

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  11. I deleted it to see if my account would somehow come back but it even deleted the account I just made, there should be some type of sign in to your account considering We are now putting money into the game. If you look into dead by daylight the mobile version, they have a promise of where signing in with your gmail automatically logs you into the account. So maybe have some type of process like that.



  12. Hey catsbit. Since the recent mishap with the other account, I currently have been locked out my main account for some reason Smoothiezzz, typically I wouldn’t care but I’ve purchased skins on that account and now I can’t access it and it made me make a new one, what should I do?