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  1. You have reasons to ban them and you cant go avoiding banning the rest just because I didnt record them. Besides, you guys are not patching any exploits, at least ban the exploiters so others can have fun.
  2. These suggestions will massively help solo or duo players, or anyone that's unable to play Rust and wants to play Oxide for fun. 1. Adding Solo or Duo servers will benefit a lot of newcomers. Despite the fact that this game used to be more enjoyable on it's prime time with few to no exploiters made this game a lot more fun. Due to Game-Guardian's existence, people are able to use that tool, make some custom scripts to bypass vulnerabilities in order to Exploit freely throughout the game. With Solo or Duo servers, with a lot of limitation, people will be able to enjoy the game freely. 2. Auto-exploit detectors will allow to detect any abnormalities on a normal client-sided gameplay. When tools like Game-Guardian is used, it causes some kind of backdoor which allows the vulnerabilities to function, allowing exploiters to malfunction the game while benefittingly make it an unfair advantage for them. Just like #3 Rule, which kicks people out automatically for getting stuck under Bases, Stairs, etc. anti-exploit detector should have an auto kick-out feature, so it effects exploiters while killing them in the process, allowing them to lose their unfairly earned loots. 3. Timer for upcoming wipes should have already been added to the game long time ago. This helps people be aware of the server wipes or blueprint wipes, so everyone can stay prepared. Without a timer, people will be clueless to the point they'd be grinding for hours and just to notice, after the servers gotten wiped, that their effort had gone to waste. With that being said, timer should be added either on the front page or in the server menu, like the server info and the rest. 4. I've personally experienced a lot of ping drops, due to having limited access to Global Servers. Since there are only EU, BR or US servers being available at the moment, my pings are always above 200, which results in a lot of lag spikes. Due to lag spikes, although my connection being strong and my internet being smooth, it just breaks my mood whenever I am trying to PVP with other oponents or die a lot during fights. With new added settings, apart from Graphics, would allow us to have better pings. Some IMPORTANT updates that'll be highly appreciated! - Allowing people to move objects. - Triangle foundation and roof. - Bigger chests. - Larger furnaces, so more than 1 type of ore can be smelted in the same furnace, to reduce spacial consumption! - Partial auto-aim assist ( since many of the hackers already have access to auto-aim ). - Team Features ( allowing people to make their own team and add up to 4 members, and apart from the 4 members, the rest not being able to receive Cabinet Authorization ). These are some major suggestions talked about well-around and to some I agree with personal opinion and overall experiences throughout the game! Some suggestions may sound absurd, but I have tried my best to explain. In contrary to everything, exploits should be patched overall.
  3. Are you a staff or a normal member? Btw check for more details.
  4. I also forgot to mention, their clan base is at 5J and their alias clan base is somewhere around 4-5C. You can see at 3rd video in 0:02, their base caused major lag spikes in that server. Due to a lot of people using Christmas lights, it causes massive lags and ping drops too.
  5. @Catsbit.CareThis is very important, so please read everything. There are too many hackers in these servers and people cannot follow them individually to record them hacking. If you are only willing to ban one member cause we got supporting evidence and refusing to ban the rest due to lack of evidences, they going to force people to quit playing your game, since most of the hackers are sneaky and work in huge teams. I was very fortunate like those players who caught hackers on act. I had my recording turned on because I saw "Hentai" sprinting in the distance and I knew he was about to do something suspicious. I came across him because he wall hacked into my base and destroyed my cabinet. Took about 800+ woods, 300 stones, 250+ metal from the cabinet and almost trapped me inside. I managed to get out using staircase and went back to that area and saw him hacking. SOME INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THIS THREAD Below :- 1st image :- It was my base that other clan destroyed, and they were in alias with this clan owned by "Hentai" who's also a leader of the Hacker Group. I was making my way back to the base and then I saw him hack raiding a base. At 0:29 , you can see him crouching and sprinting, which allowed him to wall jump. He had no launcher on him and at 0:35 he shot the rocket from the inside. At 0:38 ,you can see he wasn't inside the base as he teleported behind me and shot me from behind. I died here with the rest of my resources, including 300 scraps, 250+ gun powder, armor, revolver, bullets, and some resources. At this point, I couldn't build a new base, because I lost everything to them. My entire week grindings went to waste thanks to this hacker group clan that raided me twice. In this, I showed bunch of bases that got raided from inside by this dude. They were all hack raiding to clear our the entire EU#14 SERVER so they can build a huge village for their clans. They raided every solo or other group's bases, so they can easily build around. THIS IS IMPORTANT ON 2ND AND 3RD image, they were making fun of me for getting raided and when I asked why Hentai was hack raiding everyone including me, his friends were rude to me and they were all making fun of me. At that moment, only 11 players were online and most of them are from the same clan. CLAN MEMBERS and MEMBERS IN ALIAS WITH THEM :- -Crazy Madman -i sperma -mepc11 ( in Russian letters, you can see the image ) Some others that I might list later on. SAME CLAN MEMBERS, BUT HACKER GROUP THAT PLAYED SEPARATELY :- -HENTAI ( CHECK IMAGE FOR THE USERNAME ) HE IS THE LEADER OF THE GROUP. -985xoз8 ( HE WAS ALSO ABUSING A BUG WITH GUNS THAT SHOT INVISIBLE BULLETS THAT DID NO DAMAGE ). -SIKO ( WAS ALSO WALL HACKING LIKE HENTAI, YOU CAN CHECK THE VIDEO ON HOW THEY DID THE WALL HACK )! At this point, some other members from their clan or alias clan members were also wall hacking. The sprint crouch speed hack or wall hack is new and so far, only I have seen these people using it. But there are other members that I suspect of hacking as well, they are all in a part of that clan. -JOPRE ( they were raiding most of the bases, some were wall hacked ) I'll add more members in the future. I will go gather some extra information from them if I could. HENTAI AND 985'S USERNAME, SINCE ALL OF THEM ARE RUSSIANS, I CAN'T THEIR USERNAMES PRECISELY. THIS VIDEO IS LONGER, I WAS INTERACTING WITH THEM USING GOOGLE TRANSLATOR. SORRY ABOUT MY HOMESCREEN. @Catsbit.CarePLEASE PUNISH EVERYONE. Literally a lot of Russian Players in your game are ruining the experiences for everyone else. People like me are playing this game, just so we can experience Rust but with these hackers and huge clan members ( 10-20 members in a team ) mass-raiding solo members literally on daily basis and taking away our cabinet maintenance daily, it gets so hard to enjoy playing the game entirely. Please punish everyone or at least add Team Features, so people don't make huge clan groups in a server and take over it, because Solo players are limited to servers as well.
  6. I am giving up on this game. I am making a new thread. I caught the Hentai guy on recording this time, there are a lot of people in his group that are hacking as well, including the people i named "SIKO" and "985xoз8". Apparently, there a quite a few people behind him too, but this dude is like the leader of these people and half of the teammates were hacking : - i sperma - Crazy Madman - Egor
  7. Sorry for some spelling errors, I had to make this as soon as possible. and I didn't have any screen recording tools, so I couldn't record them hacking. I was only able to screenshot their username that time, both of them even killed me after I claimed them to be hackers on chat.
  8. I'd like to apologize first, as I didn't get the actual footage of them hacking. It all happened so quickly and I didn't have a screen recording too. 1. Player named Hentai was roaming around using speed hack. They were zooming and crouching to control their speed hack to kill people with Hunting Rifle. They were fully geared, and a part of a clan. 2. 985x038 was using invisible bullets that dealt no damage to anyone. They did another bug where if you get near them, you'd have bleed effect on you ( it didn't drain the health ) but it was like they were shooting blank bullets that still showed damage effects. 3. SIKO I don't have an image of this person or proof, but this person was Wall Hacking ( they went through the walls ). They "raided" this person койот i was helping with farming and SIKO went through their walls, without damaging their base and looted their chests. By the time койот spawned back into their base, they resources was stolen.
  9. Obviously and you missed out on the rest of the context though and it seemed like that reply was made with a bit of arrogance to it. I didnt mean to be rude to anyone around here, besides ive been lurking through every servers asking people when its getting wiped since @Catsbit.Care haven't included a wipe timer, so everyone else is a bit clueless. Its about time from them to drop a minor update, and a bit of information regarding wipe time line on their menu page or in server gui.
  10. You can on both of my posts replied like you know everything. I said i was expecting server wipe because every servers are getting more and more quieter, not because i got raided? Don't be an arrogant member, i was just asking when its getting wiped so i can start over fresh. If you dont want to be nice to someone dont reply to their posts.
  11. how do i show proof of ownership to that account? Mind you, i have not played in that account for awhile and i dont need to hack into my own old database. I wish i can show proof, but i dont have any screenshots to proof it. I emailed them or left a review on their game in playstore, maybe that's only proof i have.
  12. I want to have a fresh start since I got raided, when are the EU servers getting wiped?
  13. yeah so since oxide doesnt support google play games, I lost access to my old account. i had to uninstall the game for an account and when I downloaded it again to play it, it logged me out of my account, asking me to make a new one.