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  1. May have talked to the two wrong people ? ?
  2. Deleted and reinstalled still nothing
  3. It wasn't me it was my team mate she was getting shot at so I ran to her herd ar shots went off then she ran infront of me then died I was looking around no one was around nek minute a no name popped up I rocket him he vanished again I went to loot he bowed me then I waited when bag despawed he came out of vanish then speed away like a bitch
  4. Cort in the moment so I didn't record but we have invisible hackers now he was a no name he cannot loot while invisible I seen I rocketed him then he went invisible again hackers ain't bad as they were b4 update but this is bad hope update fixes this
  5. Dayymm I'm old Hahaha will do cheers
  6. I can make 1080p it's only on 780p
  7. Iv died from hhhhbb shot 2 rounds quickly jumped away from him and still locked on speed people we can handle this guy he'll no
  8. XRecorder_Edited_03032022_111120.mp4