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  1. Arthur


    I completely agree with you @OG PEACE*
  2. Arthur


    Everyone wants this game to update but the devs are being quiet
  3. Arthur


    Hello catsbit, I was wondering if you can tell us when’s update and if you can keep us in touch of when the game is being updated or not because as of now this game is boring and dead and has a lot of hackers.
  4. Hello catsbit games, when I saw the video it was a continuation of survival simulator and i thought you guys were making a new project that would look like rust. So that makes me thinking are you guys continuing to make updates on survival simulator or making a new project?
  5. Ok thank you for responding and hope to see this on YouTube
  6. I hate to break it with you guys but I’m pretty sure these guys aren’t going to make a new project Or update any of these games due to not responding or replying to any of our suggestions, catsbit of your reading this please tell us if the new project is coming out or not and at least show us something that will prove us that your not lying it at least doesn’t have to be fancy but At least show us that your working on it Thank you
  7. Is there any news regarding about the new project coming out or not?
  8. Hello catsbit I was still wondering if y’all are still doing the new project it’s been while so hope y’all can give us a quick update on the project in instagram/social media thanks and keep up the great work!
  9. I don’t know if you guys know but the developers are making a new project so don’t expect updates coming from this game anymore
  10. Hey MJ! these are suggestions for survival simulator and these suggestions come from a game called rust. Its a fun survival game and i have always wanted rust to be made in mobile but sadly its not coming hope i answer your question.
  11. Arthur


    Hello catsbit! i would like to see airdrops in this game as this can help with your progress.Airdrops spawn in by an airplane in a random location and they spawn once an hour and they contain weapons,explosives,armor,clothing,etc.. You can also get an airdrop by finding a supply signal in random places.
  12. Arthur


    Hello I would like to see some biomes/environments to the game ?
  13. When you die in survival simulator you instantly die but this animation will give you a second chance by making you downed and you have a chance to be revived by your teammates and will still have your loot- one tap their body to loot the downed person and hold the body to revive them the revive time is 5 seconds hope you like this idea!