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  1. OG PEACE*

    Add Turret

    Hello Catsbit Care, I would like for you to consider adding the turret into your game, a turret will help us protect our bases from possible raiders and makes the game much more worthwhile if we can defend our base and please improve pvp, I think this will be a game changer
  2. Instead of telling me what the thing is for, you out here telling me what I am talking is shit. Well done your talk is very convenient ?
  3. Remove this freaking anti cheat thing! What's the use of it? To temporarily kick hackers when they hacking so that they can come back again? Worse this anti cheat of yall is kicking loyal players who want to enjoy the gameplay You must find a way to separate good players from bad players and ban bad players for life to set an example, that's what we need to see as players Vamos!
  4. OG PEACE*

    Ant Cheat

    This game is unplayable now.
  5. I just Love this game more, and it would be cool if you make a sequel of this or further update it cause it's really cool and got loads of potential and it doens't even need a hectic upgrade. It just needs a better game engine, better graphics and to put a stop to the hackers, After you add that then you can start turning your attention towards adding new features and make the game reach it's full potential Oxide: Survival Island- not doing it for me. Survival Simulator- that one is for me. Thank you
  6. So as promised, will you be showing us any progress or info this week?
  7. Catsbit I'd like to ask if you will adding the saving feature to your game on this upcoming update?
  8. I don't think they care about the community All they care about is being mysterious & keep us in the dark with their developments Such a weird and bad way to deal with the people who Support you If they really cared about us, they would have gave us a release date by now
  9. OG PEACE*


    Lets see what we get in the next six months
  10. OG PEACE*


    Patience my folks. We will get something in the end. "There is always light at the end of the tunnel". In Catsbit we trust.