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  1. I Completely Agree with you Survivor.
  2. I Completely Agree with you Survivor.
  3. I Completely Agree with you Survivor.
  4. We would really like to be able to Send each other a friend Request and In that way we can be able to Invite each other into Our servers. In the current Version it is very hard to keep Track of your friends and see where they are,But If this feature was to be brought to this game It will instantly make the Game one of the best Survival Games. Please Do Consider Adding this feature Because it is not only Me who is Recommending this. Thank you.
  5. OG PEACE*


    Well atleast let us give them some time so that they Do their work properly and Give us a very good Update, which is what we expect after all
  6. OG PEACE*


    Okay Thank you for your response atleast Now we know yall are up to Something So there is a purpose to wait.
  7. OG PEACE*


    We have waited for more than 5 months now and all we ever heard of the new update is That Rocket Launcher thing and that was posted 2 months ago on YT. BUT. that was the only thing that we saw. So our question is that WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING? PATIENCE IS RUNNING OUT . Just give us some Info so that we have a purpose to be patient . But I'm afraid right now we dont have any hope