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  1. Hey xAnony, I have to agree with you. I see the updates you all have done and appreciate all the work you and others have put in. I cant speak for anyone esle but here's why I think having some servers "wipe" is requested. If a cheater doesnt have the blueprints to get a gun it makes dying to them super hard. It evens that playing field just a little bit. Even though that cheater can speed hack to resources. They still have to farm it up. (Unless theres a cheat that gives them an instant item i dont know about) I started uploading videos of your game and people have enjoyed watching and im guessing downloading the game to play. You have a fun mobile game that I can see get better. The players are giving you their opinion that if we have a set amont of servers that wiped (not all) that we could enjoy this game now more with all the cheaters. I wouldnt even mind paying you to add some servers that wipe helping me record videos that are more fun for people viewing and give the experience players want. You could even set your game up where you have the free to play servers and then have people pay a 1 time or every 4 months flat fee to have access to the servers that wipe. Just some suggestions that could help with players enjoyment, cost of business expenses, and overall experience.
  2. If Rainder cheats ban him I'm only his friend Because people are catching my youtube channel and friending me.
  4. precise the nickname of this player; precise the server this player is on; describe the report in detail; send a screenshot or video record.
  5. This is server US17
  6. 2 days in a row... Farm3d up for 2 hours just to have this happen both times.. ElCrespo21 Taken 1k metal and 2k sulfur... always stops me before i cago raid him.n 
  7. Fokion

    Server wipes

    Hello, I was looking to see if there was a plan to make certain servers wipe on a schedule? As cool as it is to get Rockets and blow things up I love the competitive aspect that you will get when everyone is using a bow an arrow until they get rifles ahaha.