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  1. yet mods wanna say "Aim Bot doesn't exist in this game" it's statements like this that don't help credibility with other patrons. Like I'm to the point where I could just throw this game up on 4chan and let the rugrats get a hold of it. It's that bad Devs. either fix it or take it down.
  2. until it is either fixed or I can find a means to manipulate it to my advantage. I won't play. you can say it's just a game. Yet with so many hackers. What's the point?
  3. You are obviously diluted if you think there is no aim bot
  4. and now while playing, the "kicks X for cheating" has now become a means for hackers to DC with whatever they steal. Just to come back and take more.
  5. The hackers are running rampant. There are too many instances players are able to do things I'm sure aren't allowed by the very physics the game has. Flying, one shoting people with tools that wouldn't do this. Range with melee like they have a polearm. Various glitches where people can shoot you through the floor or even interact with chests through walls. You say you want to bring the best game with the resources available. Why not use something like steam's anti cheat engine? It almost seems like this game is becoming Conan Exiles with the updates. Things don't get fixed and then you have mods who would rather crack jokes then simply address an issue. Which sort of begs the question if they themselves are in on the hacks.
  6. This is actually false, there are no discord servers as I have literally just looked. Everyone of them just says Rust....IE what this game is trying to be. But not a single oxide server. If you're going to respond to folks. At least do some research. Thanks
  7. Pay no nevermind to the fact that bows are supposed to be a decent weapon. Yet from a space of two people away someone can hit with a bone club. I mean does it have reach? And if so, why cant I poke ppl with the damn spear? Why is it ONLY throw? Seems like not only the hackers can insta gather resources . Have huge ass clans that can zerg you. And all the while they usually speak a different language. The game is about as balanced as stevie wonder giving driving lessons.
  8. Why is it that four throws of a spear. A weapon that, if thrown you have to have more of. (Not like this in rust) Is the equivalent to one Bow shot to the head? How are rifles so spot on in a game where everyone is using a phone?
  9. When pressing any particular button to craft an item. It will instead craft the item to the left. At first I thought this was due to sausage fingers. But then it happened again while I wasn't rushed nor panic mashing. With a friend on the mic, they too have also encountered this. US13 seems to be just as glitched and hack ridden as US1.
  10. They can't, on US13 using speed and teleport hacks. User name Kidd
  11. I mean, something has to balance out the instant headshots
  12. Anyone saying not to put NPCs into this game BECAUSE of rust. Has obviously not played the game. The scientists ARE NPCs. Wow Would be nice to make the gas stations and warehouse build restricted. Cause it's kinda unfair to be able to camp in those areas, take what you want, pick off players, take THEIR stuff and just generally have such a lockdown of the area. In US13 we have a gas station with a small city built around it. Just so no one can go there and loot. The warehouse has teams of people with rifles that their sole job. Is to stand there and shoot you if you go to loot. I get this is a free game but it kind of seems like favorites get played a lot