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  1. I have been killed by a guy cocoine he goes underground and wait for u to stand still its possible to prove this so can u pls spectate him he play in server 1 eu and pls fix the glitch of going below foundation players are placing bags bellow stone foundation and killing raiders while they are invisible under the foundation
  2. U started as genuine person but now u are just making excuses for devs actions U really gonna pretend that getting a personal vehicle that no one can use except u with money is not pay to win ... u really think it does not give an advantage lol u are funny Just stop ..don't try to justify
  3. Mohamed dz

    Pay to win

    Its sad adding pay to win stuff its not like something that can help alitlebit like camo skins in rust this stright up pay to win ....and the funny part is that u add option to remove adds no matter how expensive u make it to be able to remove add u are still loosing in the long term im ok with prime server they are nesisery to pay for the server cost but adding payed cars is just unacceptable u guys are going in the root of last island survival pay to get flying glider lol...take the advice before its late Make cars spawn in random spots and u need parts to use them just like in rust Remove the option of removing adds its stupid Never add pay to win stuff
  4. They guy literally said so what , y’all use bows I use rockets , what’s the issue ? dont waste ur time with him this kid could be 12 or 14
  5. The game is unplayable ...if u cant fix it i n more than a month listen to our demand at least ...most of the comunity said we prefer playing with cheaters than plaing with this game baking bug .. but u did not listen
  6. This game is about rust if u like spamming rocket at the ground cuz u loose gun fights sry to tell u the game is not rocket spam simulator and the dev know that ..rocket damage will be reduced and it will be more expensive like pc rust devs wont let kids like u destroy their game
  7. Only noobs wants to rocket pvp cuz they lose gun fights
  8. ohhh i guess im a bow spammer ...thats a good start .....the bow is over powered lol thats a good one ..the bow takes years to get to a 5m target ..and it takes 5 headshots or 6 to kill a full gear that is absurd... in pc rust its 3 headshots for metal face mask and it have lower dps compared to pc rust ...i play with 5 fingers i dont think i have skill problems... maybe u do thats why u want the game to be noob friendly 3-5 meters fights making the bow stronger just like in pc rust wont make the game noob friendly it will do the opposite it will open possibility's for killing noobs that just spam spray weapons' rush the rust content lol ... what does adding horses have to do the with the player base ...the map is big now ...its just that simple maaan thank god the devs are not listening to ppl like u
  9. faster arrow travel time buff the bow and make it 3 head shots for full gear nerf the rocket damage to players so ppl are less likely to use it in pvp... make it 4 rockets to kill full gear instead of 2 im so tired of noobs using rocked to win fights male weapons' are almost impossible to hit someone moving with them .....fix that and buff the male damage make it 3 headshot or full gear instead for the absurd 10 headshots for a kill ..not sue if its 10 but its close make rockets more expensive 200 gunpowder and 70 iron for the rocket ...i can get 400 sulfur in 10 minutes that is 4 rockets in just 10m of farming that is stupid reduse the daily cost for iron base one is using iron bases cuz the daily cost is not worth add aim sensitivity ******************************************these are a plus if u can add them this update if u cant add them in this one pls add them in the next one gyroscope a 4x scope for the hunting rifle with the sensitivity control ofc we can wait for other monuments to be added but we cant wait for horses to travel ... the map is to big to walk now its so boring
  10. the guy literally said What if you don’t have a weapon? .... thats a problem for him ... and he calls ppl who disagree with him silly children ..this kid is a noob who wants to farm trees so don't waste ur time with him
  11. they wont stop using rockets if they are cheap and help them win against a better player
  12. rockets are so easy to get ....Avery one is using them in pvp instead of hunting rifles so pls make rockets more expensive maybe 150 gunpowder make rockets do less damage to players... its 2 rockets to kill full gear make it 4 so players are less likely to use them in pvp cuz pvp rn is so bad many many ppl are just rocket pvping and rarely using hunting rifles ..and solo players have no chance against clans if they just use rockets ... so pls make the game less noob friendly we need a skill gap between players ..still waiting for the gyroscope update and the individual button resizable option