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  1. Is this game even going to be updated? I sick and tired of doing the same thingy all the time. No replies from devs, hardly any people talk, what's wrong?! 

  2. I understand we all really want the update to be here, but we should be patient and give some time to catsbit community to make an update for us! ╮(─▽─)╭ also, I really hope they see this. ❤️

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  3. When is the update coming? I tired making the same kind oh houses,  again and again and again! Drive the same car again and again! See the small estates against and again! Please!!🙏 

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  4. Much required,  must needed, emotes. 

    I'm Jason here again, talking about something for the next update. All I want is emotes like sit, wave, 3 types of different dances and sleep. 

    We should be able to sit on chairs, sofa and couches.  We should also be able to sleep on beds like the one on the home screen.(image)

    also plays add the bunk bed on the homescreen(image). 

    Thank you

    Screenshot_20200331-133940_Sandbox 3D.jpg

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