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    Is this game even going to be updated? I sick and tired of doing the same thingy all the time. No replies from devs, hardly any people talk, what's wrong?!
  2. I understand we all really want the update to be here, but we should be patient and give some time to catsbit community to make an update for us! ╮(─▽─)╭ also, I really hope they see this.
  3. Jason_dev


    Sounds like a 3 years old child is trying to speak English XD
  4. "moniters without keyboard trigger me" XD relatable
  5. Jason_dev


    Mhm, I undetstand. I just wanna know what you are working on right now.
  6. Jason_dev


    When is the update coming? I tired making the same kind oh houses, again and again and again! Drive the same car again and again! See the small estates against and again! Please!!
  7. Jason_dev


    tell us a least something about the coming update. Please at least the date. pleeeeeeeeeeease
  8. Damn man you mention everything I wanted in this game. Kinda
  9. And also please make the barrels of oil explode
  10. Yes I understand the cyber truck turns onto the regular truck, the black bike turns into the red one when we save a map we made in the single player.
  11. Bro your eyes are fine. But a daylight cycle will be so great. But please make it that the owner can change it in like a menu or something.
  12. Jason_dev


    Maybe you need to relaunch the app
  13. Jason_dev


    I google translated it, it means plz add vehicles. Are you gonna add vehicles?
  14. Yep I think that would be really cool, the game really needs it
  15. Yes in the helicopter there is written 00-uwu
  16. Jason_dev

    class floor

    And also glass door will be cool
  17. I so much agree. There are so many bad servers where people are going crazy.
  18. Everyone is asking for the same thing.
  19. Jason_dev


    Much required, must needed, emotes. I'm Jason here again, talking about something for the next update. All I want is emotes like sit, wave, 3 types of different dances and sleep. We should be able to sit on chairs, sofa and couches. We should also be able to sleep on beds like the one on the home screen.(image) also plays add the bunk bed on the homescreen(image). Thank you