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  1. Jason_dev


    Mhm, I undetstand. I just wanna know what you are working on right now.
  2. Jason_dev


    When is the update coming? I tired making the same kind oh houses, again and again and again! Drive the same car again and again! See the small estates against and again! Please!!
  3. Jason_dev


    tell us a least something about the coming update. Please at least the date. pleeeeeeeeeeease
  4. Damn man you mention everything I wanted in this game. Kinda
  5. And also please make the barrels of oil explode
  6. Yes I understand the cyber truck turns onto the regular truck, the black bike turns into the red one when we save a map we made in the single player.
  7. Bro your eyes are fine. But a daylight cycle will be so great. But please make it that the owner can change it in like a menu or something.
  8. Jason_dev


    Maybe you need to relaunch the app
  9. Jason_dev


    I google translated it, it means plz add vehicles. Are you gonna add vehicles?
  10. Yep I think that would be really cool, the game really needs it
  11. Yes in the helicopter there is written 00-uwu
  12. Jason_dev

    class floor

    And also glass door will be cool