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  1. Just don’t disconnect and fight, I hate it especially when they initiate the fight then start losing they dc ??
  2. Google translator? I can speak Russian, Chinese and Spanish all through downloaded keyboards…. Weird? Lol
  3. You can record them all you want, they will get banned and make a new account in like 10 seconds lol it’s pointless ??‍♂️??‍♂️??
  4. Thank you, maybe I will start playing it again if the hackers are gone lol I love the game and it has a lot of potential. So I look forward to the update. ??
  5. Their not actually Chinese lol, if you watch YouTube most the Chinese names are Russian players. They use Chinese symbols for there names. And if you watch the chat most of the Chinese names are speaking Russian to other Russian players
  6. Yeah Korpse and I are a duo and these Hackers are non stop abusing the game…. If catsbit just joins any server they will see the epic cheater problem lol… just like 40 minutes ago we got rocketed by hackers and blew our base up lol
  7. SlickRick

    We're back

    I’m done with this game I uninstalled it, it’s unplayable with the cheaters. And the splash damage from rockets is ridiculous, two rockets and you destroy tc and base is raided. What is the point of even playing when all you have to do is rocket a wall and boom hours of farming and building a base is gone. Atleast add some base traps like turrets or something to defend your base a little better. Make tc have more hp so it doesn’t get destroyed so damn easily. The game was fun but I will no longer play it..
  8. All catsbit has to do is join any server to see all the hackers ruining there game, until this issue is fixed I’m done with the game, y’all have fun with the hackers ??