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  1. Connor

    UPDATE 0.4

    game is lagging every few min and freezes for every1 lol
  2. you also have to think about IOS as they do not have another sign in option.
  3. Connor

    Update 0.3.6

    its only little money
  4. Connor

    Update 0.3.6

    Це також полегшує нам вбити твою нубську хакерську дупу
  5. Connor

    Update 0.3.6

    So what happens to the cheater now?
  6. Connor

    Update 0.3.6

    yes, like im going to buy everything ❤️
  7. can you please IP ban him
  8. All his videos are just about raiding me or the part 3 you can see him on his alt typing. His main account is oxfodi
  9. His oxfodi account was not banned, he just went back on it. Please IP ban him he is ruining my wipe. Those are his videos raiding me but on the one he raided me today he was underground he will most likely post another video on it,
  10. His name is oxfodi (BANNED ACCOUNT) he is back on an alt underground firing rockets
  11. Then he does it again using cheats again
  12. The user oxfodi is cheating, using all sorts of hacks. he raided my team. Here is the video proof
  13. US 3, the user snikers_77 has been using the stone bug.