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  1. -Ress-


    Читак с аимом убивает были в рт хотели Ева а он 2человек тупо с калаша зажал и убил с 13 метров с калаша... Айди 67D6E206761681DF
  2. dear friends of the moment prime server chaos 2 cheaters have not been banned for a week now.I hope now the developer will take up the prime server. please ban id:366AB92E9FDEC939 name:ReY*SaD18+ please ban id:F78BDA8DE2E39DA9 name:bav_player2
  3. The main account plays with cheats 2 account twink ID F6A2311F46878AC7
  4. We bought a prime server to get rid of the cheats in eu8, but we still encounter the same table.
  5. Здравствуйте на прайме играют два игрока которые друзья и играют в дуо на них уже много жалоб было но не как не банят, уже прошло около недели, вот есть 3 пруфа.
  6. 2 cheaters on prime server. id: 366AB92E9FDEC939 id: F78BDA8DE2E39DA9 please ban hackers
  7. Hi, I'm having problems accessing the Prime server among other servers, but Prime is what I care about the most, because I'm creating content for my videos on it, in addition to having paid to use it. I've already tried clearing cache memory and clearing data, installing and uninstalling the app, as well as deleting all friends from the friends list and the problem remains. Apparently whenever I disconnect inside a building, even if it's mine, as long as it doesn't get destroyed from walls to ceiling (through decay or someone raiding), I can't relog with my Server account, it cost me over 400 of burnt sulfur. I was only able to reconnect after the entire base had decayed and they had already raided. I'm sure it's not an internet problem, because in the same video I show that I can log into a server with a Ping higher than the Prime Server. I ask for your help to resolve this situation, because as it is, I have become increasingly discouraged with the game, supporting hackers from all sides and now this problem is complicated. Grateful. The video is having trouble uploading, so I'll be providing the video Vídeo: link. Username: NettoBR0
  8. I’d think it would be cool if people who own prime get more things like server creation or prime only recipes or something more than no ads and prime server access i just think if you have prime you deserve more for 10 bucks and for russians ——————————————————Я думаю, было бы здорово, если бы люди, владеющие праймом, получали больше таких вещей, как создание сервера или рецепты только для прайма, или что-то большее, чем отсутствие рекламы и доступ к прайм-серверу. Я просто думаю, что если у вас есть прайм, вы заслуживаете большего за 10 баксов.
  9. Hey everyone I just want to say to you all we enjoy the new server prime I hope everyone is having a wonderful day ? It's soo peaceful here that all the trees are gone ?