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  1. Anony power. What's going on is there going to be an update for this game , do you know anything ?
  2. widgekhalifa

    We're back

    When will you be doing an update as you've apologized for being absent but still nothing is happening. I'll share and promote for you but it's not going to get the attention if you don't remove the hackers. That's why everyone is leaving. Update.. Bug fixes . Dropping code locks dissapears .Guns bullets are just not registering unless it's hackers. .People spawning in foundations TC Griefing. .Barrels don't take damage on some hits but damages tool. . Increase security. Or let people admin and help you kick hackers and remove them for good. Or atleast introduce a 5 minute ban. Then 10 min ban then 15 man ban and so on. For hackers. .falling of stairs indoors is also causing people to be kicked for hacking. .Introduce more guns, more tools. purely as once all scrap is farmed there's no more objectives. .Ask for help .Ask for help. If there is only 2 of you on the team. It's going to fizzle out as it's going to take a while unless your whizz kids ? . .Hackers. Jumping through stairs at front of foundations with speed on to boost into your foundations and gaps. .introduce another town maybe with a puzzle . And sliding doors. Also small shed you can open doors on and collect items from in boxes. Also key cards but not key cards. Key fobs or battery's into a socket or something to open doors. or something as it cannot regulate over rust. It has to be different. Hope to hear a reply soon and mabye the community will do too , thanks ?
  3. Making people not want to play. Got something good , work hard , get rid of the hackers. No time for war. Keep working. Somone bagged under my foundation. They kept jumping near it with a gun and managed to get underneath. Untill then placing a bag We can be your mod section or admins and keep things stable in servers . And keep an eye out for people exploiting and hacking