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  1. 4 hours ago, Paronix said:

    -When is gonna be the next update.

    -Do we need workbenches to make iron stuff.

    -Why is there only community servers runned by you why cant we make our own servers?

    -Will you ever update AntiCheat am not saying that its bad am just curious.

    -Will you add more weapons to the game?

    -Why are you not updating the game that much like i think that last update was 2 years i go i think?

    Thank you Catbits Team pls reply.



    I’m not Catsbit lol but I can answer some of your questions.


    2.It’s kinda complicated as they need to make a private server network (which costs a lot of moolah ?)

    3.Next update.

    4.Most likely, but I’d take a maybe.

    5.Last update was 2 months ago, not 2 years silly.

    6. Yes I hope Catsbit will reply with better answers than me lol

  2. 18 minutes ago, BONKEY 2.0 said:

    Hey catsbit I had a idea and I saw that u will not be adding sleeper and I think that is great cause it will prevent lag but for us pvpers we we get very annoyed when we use 30-50 bullets and a full metal player for them to dc and not come back on its a waste of time so I was thinking you could add a 10 second cool down for disconnecting like when u click pause and then click disconnect u have to wait 10 seconds so that we have time to finish them of instead of wasting ammo on someone who's gonna dc it would make pvp way better and less annoying I'm sure another of people will agree let me know what yall think about this and please consider thanks guys 

    FACTS @Catsbit.Care

  3. On 2/6/2023 at 7:09 PM, IllWIll said:


    Not inconvenient. Just wondering if possible. I dont have a second 1000 dollar phone lol.

    I did find a glitch today that i dont want to publicly tell everyone. How to post without everyone knowing??


    Friend me on discord and tell me :):):) if you want. I understand if you want it a secret, so I will ?

  4. 2 hours ago, IllWIll said:

    If its allowed, id like to not be at a disadvantage to the other players and be able to do so as well.

    It doesnt seem like there is a way for even a family member to use the same phone and play their account.

    It also kind of defeats the purpose of the game. Ive started raiding more lately having finally come up with a base defense that works longer then 1 day as a solo, and the loot has been terrible lol. I assume they log off with it.

    Just use a different device, also, sleepers would be very hard to implement cause some people have to just leave cause they don’t have a base, so before a GOOD solution can be found, sorry for your inconveniences.

  5. On 2/1/2023 at 2:26 AM, Parsa6367372627 said:

    I think oxide really need rain too.

    Rainy weather in for example every 1hour.

    Or chance of having rainy weather in every 1hour 20% or something like this

    Having 0%----100% darkness(i mean creator can choice weather have to got howmeny darkness while raining)& lights while rainy weather &...


  6. 14 hours ago, Ильназ said:

    I suggest you increase the map 2-3 times and add ships and some wells, etc. I suggest adding turrets and gantraps. I suggest improving the interface, otherwise it's inconvenient to play. And so the game is very good)

    More people in servers if the maps gonna be bigger + “Sup, it’s me memeio and today we are making a shotgun trap base in oxide Mobile” ???

  7. On 1/30/2023 at 2:20 AM, Xainis**GR** said:

    We can't join the PVE servers easy...

    To many players 

    Please create more servers

    Sup Xainis, long time no see lol, anyways, the servers should have a 75 player cap imo. What do you think???

  8. 10 hours ago, Bosanac said:

    Bruh nobody gets special treatment

    Even friend of Admin who plays on Prime server doesn't get special things let alone you so why should they do that thats unfair and if u read privacy and policy you cannot ask them for Items

    Just tryna ask… I need this for a video. (I’m desperate) but I like your ideas ?

  9. 6 hours ago, Egor27 said:

    Добавьте пожалуйста слиперов, потому-что когда убиваешь игрока он выходит с сервера и невозможно получить с него ресурсы

    They should add a combat log system, where if you log while in combat (in about 30 seconds of being hit) you will die. This is perfect for what you are saying while also allowing people to log off anywhere sense this is a mobile game. Sleepers in not the answer.

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  10. 6 hours ago, ELIT Mans said:

    почему не добавят слиперов?‍♂️ боже как играть тогда если все ливают я просто фармлю делаю пт иду пвп никого не убиваю иду обратно делать пт + еще рейды рейдиш дом а там ничего нету

    Sleepers with ruin the game because sense this is a mobile game, people play it on the go, therefore we can no longer log out in the middle of nowhere, so it would ruin than. I hope you understand.

  11. 3 hours ago, KING CAPO said:

    New items for in game play,night vision,gun sights 2x,3x,4x,and 8x. Gun flare for night time it'll brighten the night like fireworks but white color or bright color for night effects 

    I don’t wanna make it pay to win, but I do want a free build server for prime members 

  12. I know this doesn’t matter much to anyone, but I want to make a YT video about Oxide. I wanna do this with like 8 friends. Problem is, the Unlearnt Items Lock. I am fine grinding scrap and I’m fine with the game, I love the game even. What I want to to just give my friends the items they need instead of having all of them grind scrap for like 2 hours just to use a rocket launcher. So please, for the sake of me, my friends, and all other teams that don’t have 5 hours a day to grind. Please remove the lock on unlearnt items. @Catsbit.Care 

  13. dingldongo has been harassing me after I said I didn’t like his idea, and told him to stop spamming his ideas in the suggestions and question forums. He just started raiding MY suggestions and calling me mean things and just being a jerk. I just wanna say my ideas, but I guess I can’t without someone getting really mad. And if dingldongo is seeing this… ur a racist jerk.


  14. @dingldongo… First of all… Idk why ur so toxic. You spammed your suggestion in both the Suggestions forum and Questions forum and I got tired of it. But it worked for you I guess ?‍♂️ Catsbit liked your mock of the items… so you won. I was only mad at the spam. Now you are going around raiding MY suggestions and calling me mean things AND the N-Word all cause I was tired of your bad use of the forums. I want @Catsbit.Care to see this cause ur being too extreme. Can we just be happy? How about this… I agree on the turret idea, I like that, a little, just some extra damage to defend your base (I like the 7 hp a hit thing ?) But the bear trap would just make the game annoying and toxic (People leaving them everywhere and all around their base so no one can raid them) I hope you take what I said into consideration, I hope to stop the fighting ? I think we both the ? in this situation ?‍♂️

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