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  1. A server for prime members to have free build and test base designs.
  2. Sup Xainis, long time no see lol, anyways, the servers should have a 75 player cap imo. What do you think???
  3. 1. I think people can aim well enough, let alone the hunting rifle being broken, but good thought. 🛑 2. I think auto turrets and shotgun traps would be hilarious but beartraps seems like something that would just… suck. ✅ 3. Yes, amazing. ✅ 4. Yes (Feeding pumpkins?) ✅ 5. Actively being done. ✅ 6. YES, able to make bigger bases and to have more storage options. ✅ 7. RUGS :):):)✨✅✨ 8. Not city, but something like a bandit camp with Npcs would be very cool. ✅ 9. I agree with more landmarks, but I think there should be one city (as it’s the centerpiece of the map) good idea. ✅ 10. YES BRING THE OLD LOOT BACK (again we need the unlearnt item lock removed) :):):) ✅ Sorry if this seems a little too long @Bosanac 😅 But I think your ideas are great and should be recognized! Thx for these and I hope Catsbit sees them! 🙂
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    Cool, but not useful if there is an unlearnt item lock ;););)
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    Yes 👍
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    Just tryna ask… I need this for a video. (I’m desperate) but I like your ideas 👍
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    Hold up, I know what you mean and I think this is true, I want sleepers, but I think that since most players log off in the the middle of nowhere, I think that if you are on a foundation or are combat logged, then you will ragdoll, but if you are in the middle of nowhere, then you will disappear. Good idea, but a little more is required 👍👍
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    Fake information

    They should add a combat log system, where if you log while in combat (in about 30 seconds of being hit) you will die. This is perfect for what you are saying while also allowing people to log off anywhere sense this is a mobile game. Sleepers in not the answer.
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    Fake information

    Sleepers with ruin the game because sense this is a mobile game, people play it on the go, therefore we can no longer log out in the middle of nowhere, so it would ruin than. I hope you understand.
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    Please do this Catsbit
  11. I don’t wanna make it pay to win, but I do want a free build server for prime members
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    I know this doesn’t matter much to anyone, but I want to make a YT video about Oxide. I wanna do this with like 8 friends. Problem is, the Unlearnt Items Lock. I am fine grinding scrap and I’m fine with the game, I love the game even. What I want to to just give my friends the items they need instead of having all of them grind scrap for like 2 hours just to use a rocket launcher. So please, for the sake of me, my friends, and all other teams that don’t have 5 hours a day to grind. Please remove the lock on unlearnt items. @Catsbit.Care
  13. Please read and answer the following.
  14. Check “questions” I’ll resolve it
  15. If ur not that actually funny lmao
  16. @dingldongo… First of all… Idk why ur so toxic. You spammed your suggestion in both the Suggestions forum and Questions forum and I got tired of it. But it worked for you I guess 🤷‍♂️ Catsbit liked your mock of the items… so you won. I was only mad at the spam. Now you are going around raiding MY suggestions and calling me mean things AND the N-Word all cause I was tired of your bad use of the forums. I want @Catsbit.Care to see this cause ur being too extreme. Can we just be happy? How about this… I agree on the turret idea, I like that, a little, just some extra damage to defend your base (I like the 7 hp a hit thing 👍) But the bear trap would just make the game annoying and toxic (People leaving them everywhere and all around their base so no one can raid them) I hope you take what I said into consideration, I hope to stop the fighting 👍 I think we both the 🤡 in this situation 🤷‍♂️
  17. I mean to get the scrap… idiot. Also, I think @Bosanac is ur alt lmao
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    Fake information

    I agree with a combat timer, but sleepers is bad for a mobile game as you might have to log off on the go, out in the open. So a combat timer (like 30 seconds after taking PvP damage, not animal or fall damage, they will die, leaving their loot :)) Good idea on the death on combat log… never thought of that. I like it 👍👍👍
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    Fake information

    Facts my dude 👍
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    Fake information

    In the next update, can you please remove the lock on unlearnt items? I wanna play with my friends and it makes it so much harder. Especially wiener I make a play and I can’t even use the items I got. I hope y’all agree…
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    First, I think you edit was good, I liked it. I thought it was funny that it was from Ark. Also… You said that Ark… isn’t that popular..? Ur crazy. Whatever man, aimbot=bad, especially on a mobile game, beartraps, spamable and toxic, this will make the meta just bear trap spamming and headshots. Just… these items serve a use in a lot of games, this is not one of them… sorry you’re so mad about my opinion Mr. Dictator
  22. Racism? Not cool, also, I am a dev, but not on this game, but I know about balancing stuff myself and know this is not a good idea. Just stop being a racist, jerk, and a “🤡”… please
  23. Bro… chill lmao… ur crazy… I know you play 5 hours a day, and you are a big alpha chad ft. a true sigma grind set, but ur being a 🤡 and a 🤓 rn so… yeah