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  1. And by the way saying that something is a dumb decision isnt talking shit, blame the translator.
  2. Maybe try and hire people to make a better anti cheat so it isnt a problem
  3. Grinding scrap for 5 hours isnt fun, but do you need to hsve the blueprint or more hours? I dont understand really.
  4. The thing is that it used to be that way, the good way but I dont know why the devs made the change, its so dumb.
  5. When somebody crafts a gun and you win the fight but you dont have the items researched you cant use them, its very annoying since you will need to grind too much and its worse if you are playing with friends since they will all need to have the blueprints to use items that I crafted.
  6. you should be able to use the items you havent researched, its extremely unfair that you cant make a play or find a gun in a dead body and not be able to use it
  7. all spears should have melee
  8. if you kill someone with a weapon you dont know you cant equip it
  9. I recommend its replaced with blood sounds because the screams are just annoying
  10. The current model is just annoying to look at for long periods of time
  11. There should be a armor slot and a clothing slot, so that the current armor can be removed and revamped. Example: shirt under wood chest
  12. tree= 1 hit with stone axe=5 wood 1 hit with metal axe 10 wood stone= 1 hit with stone axe = 4 stone 1 hit with metal pick 8 stone metal= 1 hit with stone axe = 3 1 hit with metal pick = 6 sulfur= 1 hit with stone axe = 2 1 hit with metal pick = 4. Of course, the tree/node would break down faster than the current one.