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  1. When you died did you click the sleeping bag mark on the map
  2. Give me boulder so I can hex the cheaters I need boulder
  3. The spears must be melee and 30 damage and should be able to hit with melee weapon while running or walking so that spears is not useless they must add melee spears and hitting while running and walking
  4. Merasmus gaming


    Can turn oxide into medieval survival game so that is unique and is not copying rust and not get sued
  5. I build the door and what is tc
  6. What is DC and what is eco raiding
  7. Devs can delete oxide and make medieval survival game so that is not like copy rust
  8. Can befriend cheaters by comment on their channel and then hex them use boulder
  9. Melee spear and must me able to use melee weapons while walking/running
  10. I need boulder and river water to curse the cheaters
  11. When ban cheaters ip ban them
  12. Merasmus gaming


    Everything in my house is gone and I cannot open my door