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  1. TypeX

    Water From Rain

    Nah should be like atleast 150 wood 40 cloth or more harder to craft like add a little bit of challenge making 1 feel like 20 wood and 5cloth is too ez thatll make the thing like bad so yeah they should add rain oxide has no rain lol and they should add a new Skin or like change hair or something in like next 3 update hoping 1of this gets added more loot in gas stations yep they added more gas station but 1 crate each gas station? Come on and imma wait forever for signs To be added So we can put some words or designs in ur door or something
  2. Bro Even tho Pvp Using HR is 1Hp like damage i still use HR (Hunting Rifle) Bcus been using hr since i played the game headshot HR is still OP but if u cannot hit headshot then wait for the update lol but ill wait for next update too Imma buy buggy then ill sell it for scraps then Imma be rich :6 btw Use AR (assault rifle) 11hits in head they be gone if u surprise attack them they cannot even use their reflex to dodge AR so fast u cannot dodge it automatically if they caught u offguard standing still u done.
  3. Add A Like Water Filter Thing So Players Can Harvest Water From their own base Like Add A Rain Or something The Reason I want A new Gathering water Method Is Because Not all Players Have the Time Or Balls To Go In SnowGas Or Sandgas Or Factory Just to get a Water bottle Like Most Of The Players Need it The Kill Animals To Get A Meat Is Ok But The Water Is Kinda Not Good I'm not saying Im struggling to get water bottle I have like 600 on my base lol But So Many players need it For Example Your Busy Doing something but U gotta Go To Snow Gas To get A water because your gonna Thirst to death But when u got there it's already looted Like what would u feel If U died from thirst not because of a player? That's all thank you I'm still waiting for the Update The Hope Is In the Next update ✋?.