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  1. Simon.


    Would it be possible to add shot gun traps or sentry guns anything to help defend base from people trying to go deep on your base
  2. Simon.

    Server wipe

    Could you guys maybe add a countdown in game to reset so players know it's coming and don't save stuff up only to be reset is that possible ?
  3. There's no need to nerf the rockets just reduce the amount of damage dealt to a player when hit with rockets but realistically who's gonna walk away from a that ??
  4. Hackers name : todas pvtas
  5. Please ban this guy he's jumping in people's roof and stealing everything with these hacks and there's a group of them he's just the one I caught on video SVID_20220509_185446_1~2.mp4
  6. Yes I've seen similar yesterday with a group of players that blew up my mansion they used about 40 rockets how do you even get that much then blew up 3 little sheds I made all within 12hrs I can't play on eu 37 without been chased by these guys they also been false reporting to get players kicked then raid Thier base while they running back they literally cleared a server I don't know what they are saying but here is screenshot of Thier names
  7. These guys have been false reporting me to keep me away from my base when they were raiding it please help this should not be possible to do they have got most the lobby kicked raiding everyone
  8. Also using speed and fly hacks
  9. Hacked through multiple walls with locks and doors and deleted box in my mansion I spent 2 days building it and this happens attached screenshot of hackers names please ban them
  10. Keep getting kicked after update this morning your anti cheat is broken please fix it