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  1. Batonasss

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    U can easly dc on iphones just press 2 times circle what makes u can clear all programs u just scroll up and leaving what takes like 0.5sec
  2. we all understand that you are working on bug fixs. don't rush to make sure everything is in order. i hoping this game will be 100x times be better then u fix pvp all bugs and make admins in servers! as will be the case with those admins on the servers any chance or possible access to the admins. would it be possible for ordinary people to enter? @Catsbit.Care
  3. Batonasss

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    @FreeRigz people like u who dc when get chasing is idiots becose its like super power one time play normal oxide and if u died dont cry its a game. P.s if i were admin i will get ban u becose people like u spoils the game. spit on someone like you!!!!!!!
  4. @Catsbit.Care hi i cant upload video maybe u can add me on discord or facebook i will send video becose size is good but idk still not cant upload
  5. IMG_2623.MOV Name darkki server eu 2 speed hack
  6. Yes but still its not fun for us when he leave. but other idea maybe can make like admins in servers or some more people who will look to reports or just can make in server admin and he will ban all cheaters
  7. hello i have a suggestion can you do that when the player disconnects stay still constant for about 10-15sec because in middle fight people just disconnect or exit the game and they disappear and i think it is bad becose they are leaving and back like 5 hours later and u dont get any loot just waste amo and it make all angry becose they just disconnect
  8. when will you fix the guns
  9. when will you fix it? Becose now game is boring with out good pvp