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  1. Fr33z3


    Haven't seen srgt.jack in #23 in a while...Staying away from the wolves thirsty for your blood?? Plenty of Santa hats and pumpkin heads there, no need to beg the devs for freebies...
  2. Who else is at the one year mark of playing? First off, thank you Catsbit crew for keeping us updated! Pleasure talking to everyone in the servers, looking forward to future progress! Anony get back to your excellent anti-hacker skills! We know your setback with the anti cheat, just fingers crossed you get everything up and running again! Just an axeman leader wishing the best, keep up the good work!!
  3. Or just check axeman leaderboards, I'm happy with choppin trees and donating what I have to others. But when hackers are in PvE, those are the few that even the people in hell hate. Worst of the worst haha
  4. No, but get into my base without hacks or heli... I've got grey hairs in my beard, I'm not here to bitch, here to help fix the game.... input from the oxide elders should mean more than 2 cents. Just a suggestion to better the game by fixing the main broken dynamic. Being kicked for cheating is being used for a beneficial purpose, how hasnt this been addressed....
  5. But getting in isnt the issue, its foundation glitches to get out. It's a glitch to beat the game mechanics.. you glitch, you should respawn as a naked. But you also have idiots that have no clue that foundation glitches get you kicked and will complain about losing everything.... just eliminate the glitch otherwise it's one of the biggest flaws going overlooked. Anything to add or object to my stance?
  6. Anony, come to PvE #58, h6 Southeast corner... get in without hacks then come back to this forum or message me on xainis discord
  7. Headache status having to upgrade all my tc foundations to stone so a game glitch cant be used.... **a notoriously known game glitch for months..** fix the hole in the hose to get the best flow, otherwise don't complain when no water reaches the end of the hose.
  8. It's not like I haven't been playing for a while, axeman leaderboard speaks for itself...just one of the main things that has been over looked for over a year, it would change everything if patched
  9. PvE #58, H6, walled off area. Only way to get in is with a heli or hacks, and this guy had no heli... The way out was the foundation glitch/disconnect method.. key word in that sentance is glitch... meh, let it slide or fix it. Otherwise that's the main glitch exploit being overlooked for over a year... that and mid-pvp disconnect... makes pvp unplayable, not even worth the time between that and headshot hackers..
  10. Fr33z3


    Hope you approve the video, it's all out of fun man. I know you guys have been working hard to get the update out and the delay with they play store isnt your fault. Everything will be okay and we will all still enjoy Oxide, regardless of the exact update time. Happy holidays and cheers to a New Year!
  11. Fr33z3


    You usually dont get banned without proof of cheating. Im sure they have evidence that gives the reason for the ban. They dont just ban people randomly
  12. There should be another update in a few hours, server wipe on second update.
  13. As far as wiping the leaderboards, that's something that worries me. Took a long time to get #4 axeman. My miner leaderboard reset with the Halloween update, but my axeman didnt.. kinda confused why this happened