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  1. Ha ha. So you agree. You bots are haclers
  2. Just curious about a new update. What might or might not be introduced. What can fans expect from a new update. Any chance of furnitures. And a possible upgrade too stone for the wooden walls and gates since they only keep the sheep out at present. Stone walls, upgrade and get higher tops height, would be ideal for a hefty?? price. Also greater perimeter, too. Too keep the wolves from building mini 1by1s too pro From projectiling over the the fences with nothing more than a cheap "1b1with stairs". Lockable? chests? More durability for storage. Lockable. It seems there is quite a few limits for ordinary things. Limited cabinet space. Means you can never really acquire a storage of your progress and because of limits, you are persecutable. Albeit. It's a fun squirt of a game. But holds much water if you address the little things instead of procuring leaps and bounds. Don't really want to say that other games developed understand, you have to make the most of it. And if you like it, you have to take a few detours too provide the ordeal environment. Inside and out. The game provides a nice list of accessible tools, weapons, and materials. I mean it is nice like that. With a few bonuses here and there. However. For experienced gamers. Not only is it in-between tedious and boring, it should have adjustments made. More trees. Where the heck is the gold. Gold. You know. The gold. Gold and other materials that make gold. Deck the halls with gold and silver. What the heck. Copper? Gold silver copper. Diamonds. This isn't mine craft, but you know with the amount of history going on, and the amount of time between here and the moon. You could make many advances. Sure it'll change the game. More exclusive. More upstanding. But if you wanna burnout. That's your call
  3. Are you compromised Because usually it would appear. Peachy. Nothing to say, perhaps yous are lonesome. Oh so lonely. Loneliness and lonelier. Intolerable and intol .. Intel. Intellec extinction
  4. For someone who seems to be on par with comments and posts. It couldn't be more obvious. Can't log in. Not loading up. Yet others are fine. Same thing on PVE #58 after getting on top of things. The game begun showing signs of compromise.
  5. You know how that sounds. Like a fat kid behind cake pressing buttons, observing their reactions.
  6. Have you ever watch that movie, the Rocketman. I'm going to sit back, chill and enjoy watching it again and again. Because,
  7. I don't know what you mean, but those names I have seen. On the same server which Still isn't working. For me. I don't know why I can't log in. But besides Kush, who lived for a few hours odd, at my base. Was friendly and ok. But the others were intolerable. Over bearing. And probably enjoyed killing bears just for the sake of making toothpicks out of their bones.
  8. I once felt like this once. The walls trembled and Jericho fell.
  9. And I was thinking of spending more money. However when I did the maths, on 2000 rkts and quadriple launchers packed to my hip, I realised your servers and service is not longer wanted. And can't handle me(firepower
  10. I don't want to say to much because I feel I've been aplocked (splocked) but you know. 1 PVE isn't enough. I'm telling PVE is great, ..until you added the breaking of barrels. How dare ruin PVE for players like minded. It's unheard of. I gotta tell ya. PVE with limited funds. Is AWWWESOME. But when you changed the parameters. You slaughtered it. Are you still laughing because I am not. And I won't tolerate it . Etc etc You sometimes make some really poor decisions. Like this one time. I cooked a bug in the microwave. It was a bad decision. Like allowing barrels. Defenseless barrels, to be broken into. How could ya. Btw, I make like 4 dozen rockets. Logged out for the night. And since then haven't been ABLE to log in allll friggin day. Excuse my temperature. But seriously. Obviously something's gotta give. I paid 15 dollars just so yous could aplock(splock) me, my IP address has never had to deal with such lowly intelligence. I swear of their were a whipping block. You know whose head would be on it. Forgive my poor choice of words. I am a poor man
  11. Unfortunately PRIME 55 won't let me participate since I'm so fat. So it's sad day. Just can't login. Keeps sploking me. Hour after hour. Block after block. Stupid nikken poops. Oh well
  12. Triffling autobots. An here you said you are against "them" but never keen to mention you actually employ them. To do your dirty work. Ya son of a gun
  13. Hi. What a drag. The Prime Server 55 isn't connecting. And the 1 time it did, my fortified building was wrecked. Must of cost like 10-20 rockets. 5 story walls surrounding the complex inside. The inside complex 9l*9w*4h. Multiple layers ideal for rocket raiders. But it didn't seem to last the night. I still have my sacks full of goods. But upon a restart, it just won't load up. Prime 55. Obviously preventing me from using my inventory on my oppressors. Tried connecting rigorously over hours. But yous just cannot acknowledge my triumph in the face of adversaries. Autonomously/vs/automatic. Quantum/vs/program. Why these 4 are mentioned is because the stupid A.I is deliberately denying my connection in favor of statistical mumbo-jumbo. (religiousness)(politicalness) so anyone, for this matter, are harpooned. Because they(evildoers) actually probably will quit the game entirely. An technically the quantums do not want that. Bunch of children minded parenthesises causing disharmony, in a watered down fashion. Facist pronks. Roof Roof
  14. Woke up. Checked my base. It had been raided. Time to rebuild.
  15. So with all that said: Limit-users, to 1 account. Secondary accounts should not exist. Just to horde resources. Restricting gameplay of those who don't even know what an ALT ACC is. (AIT_AII) If you want to create more than 1, tokens should be implemented or messaging mods/admins. To help solve why your original account is no longer wanted.(should be deleted then)
  16. So basically they login using Google accounts, an log back in on another Google account. I would think you'd need a valid reason too incite this. Basically hacking a pre alpha game of all it's worth while it's attempting to hold its head above water, only too be used as some trophy. Stepping stone. That may provide a step up on casual, non-multiple account holders. But yet they expect their rewards of all their goods if they manage to beat you? It is a so illegitimate practice; this grinds my gears. I'd rather create 2 dozen high end explosives and continually ruin everything you hold dear. Your time, efforts, productivity, and rewards. Friendships, and anything you do in this environment, as mean as it sounds. Instead of playing the game fairly and appropriately, taking and giving within normal guidelines. Without being exposed too, hey if I make an alternative account(cheater) and store all me stuff offline then, those I battle with-might win the battle_ but they'll never win the war. Don't you understand that using multiple accounts(cheater), is a nasty way of stealing people's time and efforts. I'm telling you, it's unnecessary too create multiple accounts too win. I have never, as stated, I wouldn't want too nor, desire to worm others out of their spoils.
  17. I don't know what you mean. I have never. Those I actually some times team with, never. Infact if we lose. We lose. If we win. We win. We haven't resorted too undermining administration. It is just another way to con people out of their rewards. You know, the rewards system. ???
  18. Can I have more than one account on a server, including paid servers, to hide items from players, including raids etc. It seems to me, it's just cheating those members - who do not participate in this practice, to conceal significant desirable game changing resources. An such activity actually denies fair game play intended by creator, and others who are involved in production level assets. Etc. Personally, and professionally, I adhere to fair gaming, an am opposed to such shady endeavours just to gain a few extra meatloafs. Figuratively speaking. I understand a player can utilise DC. But multiple accounts just to ripoff others. Should multiple account holders, be banned from game. Their so called prized accounts deleted if found and proved, using alternative accounts to tilt game play in favour of their criminal undoings. It isn't fair on those who don't do it, and seems those, that harvest & spread this tactical approach, are only doing eit because they have stuff to lose. In relevance to normal players, and lowball players. Don't you know you are making players - who want a normalised environment, detest. In the long-term, it wounds the game and creates malice. I think it'd be nice if something could be done too expose and rid, those who use multiple accounts, to win. I've seen quite a lot of chat about this flaw, an abuse circulated, because of accumulating more items - offline, instead of keeping them on the playing field fair for others too gain. If you don't want to lose it, why make it, knowing you can lose it. All be it. It's pathetic too imagine they have sought to rip others off in this way. . Both weak and strong, am I wrong?!
  19. The cost of the walls/ gates, are stronger then the upgrade wood walls to concrete. Is wood strong then concrete? Since when. They are ugly these walls/gates, and they are not platform units. They are ugly pieces of furniture that waste time. And their made out of wood. Yet they are stronger then concrete. I'd rather if the cupboard space wasn't messed with by 100%, then build my own walls. Ideally it would be cool if the wooden walls/gates were upgradable to concrete even so much as metal. But I seem to just be annoying ya so. Hope that yous can understand their are building flaws happening. I do enjoy building blocks. But when it takes numerous hours to accumulate the materials only to find their isn't reliable space for it to be utilised, kind of sucks.