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  1. By the way, PVE #58 has a log in error still. I posted video on other post. And well it's still not loading. It did a few times login but recently everyday, I haven't been able to log into this server. It's not because it's full. It's because some sort of connection issue is happening. I don't think it's my phone because all the other servers work fine.
  2. I had a big base just now and they blew it up. I said I wouldn't make any more rkts. They liked that idea. But came to front front door with a couple people with rkts. They said they wanted peace. But really they just wanted a war. (narcissistic mentality) oh well.
  3. Thee old saying. If you cheat and get caught, you're through. Probably banned. Perhaps even lose your account. But if you are not cheating, why should you be punished as such. Weed out the cheaters and that only leaves the good. Because it is quite a disadvantage too cheat in the first place. So many ramifications.
  4. Eg. I was able to raid one of biggest bases. Took hours to accumulate the required inventory too get the ground on them. They saw me once talking to a player they , apparently identified as a cheater who later was identified as not a cheater. Now keep in mind I'm just a solo player figuratively speaking. I can make friends along the way. But too this group of idealist, the believed if I was not gonna shoot the proven to not be a cheater player then I was must have been cheating with him. He also is a solo player. So this group tried labelling both of us cheats/hackers. And insinuated that I'm friends or even so, in leagues with the guy who has been cleared of apparently cheating. But still were making threats that because I wouldn't shoot him ( because his a good player) ((and I might've died, trying)) that I should be classed as a cheater also. And that because we have equal footing in some way, past history, that I should be removed and banned from oxide. Etc etc. Furthermore begun getting inboxes from weird players that I should leave and not return. A bit like a self ban huh. I disregarded their mumbo jumbo. Because it's clear to me, they are upset I raided them, and managed to get by their defences.. gates and so. Big towers and etc. So now they thought as a group to discuss tactics too disadvantage me and probably others. The guile of some. I mean one time I was, on the edge of a fence. And they are so smart, on PVE they decided to bring in wild animals to get me. Firstly it failed. But when they dragged a few bears in. It made things difficult and I died. Lost so much money. (Scrap.) Anyway, like this post suggests, they attempt to undermine the gameplay to lean in their favour by coming up with stupid ideas, like banning players that don't cheat. And how to get away with it.
  5. The reason I ask is because when I exit from the chopper. I get kicked. Not everytime but enough to not bother with that paid feature, as of yet.
  6. How did you implement it. If you don't mind me asking. I don't see an update on the play store. And how is it being implemented. Via the game/client of sorts? Since the update and adding in new vehicles, is this anti cheat program, a new add on or not. How is it, installed?
  7. I asked memio myself, to maybe do a re,re, review. But he never responded. And tried to get him to see he was actually getting in too it. If only he knew he had to upgrade the hatchet. There was no tutorial or player tips to do so and so it was slow and tedious for him to try and stay afloat. Meanwhile big clan wars were going on around him. And although he found himself fitting in here and there. He got frustrated and mixed emotions that in the end, he put it down to science and maths. He didn't know enough of. (probably knows more then me)
  8. I have seen this video you speak of. It was rather not nice. I didn't like it, the amount of baggering. I mean if it were casual and the games he liked were being spoken of between two people. Then sure, but in this case it seems the guy really wanted a review posted by his biggest fan ever, ever, ever. Poor memio? He didn't really want too and in spite of that, he did one afterall and then realised after soo much fun, that he didn't really like the feel. Even if he was thoroughly enjoying himself. I reckon. But then he lost his cool and decided he had, had enough. Fair enough. I like the video, if you skip the whole, Johnny from new zealand keeps annoying me to review something I'd rather not. Johnny really like oxide. What can I say. But he begun to get verbal and like most, conversations of sorts, things didn't end well. Well Johnny still got his review, but it was a flop. Even though we can all tell after watching the video, memio did actually have a soft spot for it. I mean, besides the funniest bugs, what's not too love. It's adventurous. It's danger. It's exciting. It's tough. All that said. It's gonna take a few more, and some more, updates too get the coooool people want. Anyway, it is what it is. So. So.
  9. Don't mean too say it. But what kind of individual are you. You call your self frog soup. And you reckon he's misleading. Geez.
  10. Hi again. Just got in to PRIME. it connected but this time I realised I had a rocket in the rocket launcher. I checked my inventory, and it was back to normal?????? I video it. It's short. I'll try upload it after this. I had the research back and my items that disappeared. Strangely enough.
  11. Seems a bit like foul play at hand because I was gonna kick a goal. And set them back significantly.
  12. Keep getting error -200 Shortened the video numerous times but still resulting in something amiss. Also, connecting error. Also, logged in other server. All inventory is working fine. Building and so forth. Last night I was about to go into the biggest base on the server PRIME 55. Just beforehand, with rockets. Weird that I log in today, and am met with error after error and upon actually connecting, realising all my stuff, including the research is gone.
  13. On the other server. I have bullets and gun. I shot it. It still works. And even reloaded.
  14. I had a rocket launcher. It was loaded. I fired it, but it shot nothing. I had a rocket in the bag, went to move it. It. Disappeared...