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  1. A.J

    Hello developer

    Where is the update im bin waiting for months please tell me when is the update come
  2. A.J

    Dear mr developer

    Dear Mr developer is there an update on this month??! And im sorry for saying bad word to you and everyone who i sand a bad word
  3. A.J

    Hey catsbit

    @catsbit why you ignore my report why please 20us is dieing
  4. A.J

    Hey catsbit

    Where's the topic that i report why you didn't banned it i have evidence
  5. A.J


    2C178E7422EB4B82 Evidence
  6. A.J

    Hacker again

    They close and open aimbot he head shot me and my friend
  7. A.J

    Hacker again

    6F5FBD3432A862F6 Here the evidence https://youtu.be/khoIQhQ0rh8
  8. 😂 3276F44298B4A2D8 A0539699CD581127 Evidence https://youtu.be/PRglk8NHhSY
  9. A.J

    More hacker

    https://youtu.be/PRglk8NHhSY here's more videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. A.J

    More hacker

    17ED0EFCC6AB599B aimbot 1 15D7E1988119A4A0 aimbot 2 https://youtu.be/Ld6dDL_lKLE
  11. Us 20 is bad there's like 5 or 7 hacker
  12. https://youtu.be/h-Mg3wgBE48 here /\
  13. 67C2DB7F56AFC56 FF0B5990E262C102 Two hacker aimbot and speed Evidence is here | \// https://youtu.be/h-Mg3wgBE48
  14. A.J

    Fake information

    Are the developer!??