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  1. A.J


    Bro go to play store
  2. A.J


    August 1 to 8 it depend when google update it
  3. A.J


    [August 8] Birthday of oxide next update
  4. A.J


    When is the next update come
  5. A.J


    Yes are ganna add akin soon
  6. A.J


    Where is the skin I that there will be skin next update where is it
  7. Are you banning cheater or not or you just don't banned in the(player reports) Question Where do we report Are you banned cheater
  8. A.J

    Network problem

    Bro me to I'm lagging my date good still laging
  9. A.J


    The game is laging my Detail good but still lagging
  10. A.J

    Turret fix please

    Other player can get the ammo the turret that make the turret useless
  11. A.J

    I'm sad

    Reports the cheater the bug can be fixed soon
  12. A.J

    UPDATE 0.4

    All the server is full again please add more server @Catsbit.Care
  13. A.J

    UPDATE 0.4

    The game is lagging
  14. A.J

    UPDATE 0.4

    When i see i just knew you agana be useful to me
  15. @Catsbit.Care what is this do other devices can play
  16. A.J

    I want to ask

    Nice I will buy if update come
  17. A.J

    I want to ask

    If I buy prime is ther no lag and adds And no laging server
  18. A.J

    Hello developer

    Where is the update im bin waiting for months please tell me when is the update come
  19. A.J

    Dear mr developer

    Dear Mr developer is there an update on this month??! And im sorry for saying bad word to you and everyone who i sand a bad word
  20. A.J

    Hey catsbit

    @catsbit why you ignore my report why please 20us is dieing
  21. A.J

    Hey catsbit

    Where's the topic that i report why you didn't banned it i have evidence
  22. A.J


    2C178E7422EB4B82 Evidence
  23. A.J

    Hacker again

    They close and open aimbot he head shot me and my friend
  24. A.J

    Hacker again

    6F5FBD3432A862F6 Here the evidence https://youtu.be/khoIQhQ0rh8