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  1. peaked

    Not available

    May I ask for a quick run down of this new game?
  2. Oh please catsbit can you please fix vehicle spamming which causes low frames in servers, this makes the game litteraly unplayable in some situations, here’s a video of it.
  3. This prevents people from griefing peoples builds, I dont see this being implemented in the future.
  4. peaked

    [FIXED] Ghost

    I had this issue yesterday, today I didn’t? Although a friend of mine experienced this issue today and not yesterday…
  5. Hey Catsbit! I’d just like to bring to your notice I have seen a few players in game becoming irritated, and on some occasions I can agree, that some people are simply playing the game to shoot others and ruin the game experience for them. There’s two very simple solutions for this. Either while your ingame, in your menu you can access an option where you can enable and disable PVP, or when you create a server, there is an option for whether or not a server cam have PVP enabled, or not enable. This would definitely improve player experiences, and prevent players whom has a sole purpose to spam people with shots, and purposely aggravate fellow players, -peak ?
  6. Same here, was building a hotel and this happend. Gonna have to go through and delete small props and probably gonna have to chip off the top of it. ?