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  1. hahaha thanks, it's fixed for me, you have to restore the controls to the one that doesn't appear
  2. I play on a Motorola g9 power and my friend I don't know
  3. The controls to move me and some I love do not appear
  4. I don't get the controls to move and everything
  5. why don't the controls come out look.That's my friend's way but it doesn't give me anything I can't move or anything what's up catsbit?
  6. hacker with speed on br3 server. His name is Lindogato, his ID is 8525287165B6750C. I have video I already put it here VID-20221015-WA0011.mp4 VID-20221015-WA0011.mp4 VID-20221015-WA0009.mp4 VID-20221015-WA0009.mp4
  7. It wasn't a hacker I got confused hahahaha, today I killed him
  8. Sisi me confundi ele não era hacker hoje eu matei ele kkkk
  9. hello catsbit i found the first hacker he has aimbot this is his id 37CC1035F2117192 It's called mtx games. This on the BR3 server.He killed me from far away and I didn't miss a shot and he moved very strange
  10. Que no podes usar las cosas que no tenes aprendido. Tipo si tu amigo te da un arma y vos no lo tenés aprendido no lo podes usar
  11. The chat does not work to write. The damage does not count to the players (they are moving is like the other time)
  12. now the damage doesn't count like before ? can you fix it?