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Found 464 results

  1. aim bot, hacker ник:S.A.I2.00 айди :EA1BA9542264D620
  2. Server EU #20 N Nick On the screens and Aidi too
  3. Pedimos report desse player, está usando hacker no servidor US#3,e está ofendendo outros jogadores com palavras ofensivas
  4. Nickname: ManyBomba_YT ID: E1933A6B6E2C91E2 cheat: aimbot


    Id: 3041F28254BCCC5F Name: ALVI.KETU.PR
  7. Name: Axrana Vol2 ID: 50227113408EC635 HACK: AİM HACKER
  8. KairollaOrig 2A5666A2FF8633A9 assault riffle aim hacker
  9. i_don’t_gay CED1FDEEC5BC73F assault riffle aim hacker
  10. musabykl


    Name: Falcon… ID: 7189AC72BF309E3 HACK: AİM HACKER
  11. Name: OXIDE ID: DA4813E8E67C95E5 HACK: AİM HACKER
  12. Hola, estoy reportando a este hacker en el servidor BR#3 Nombre [LGB].LXXL ID: F504B513C7262745
  13. Name: Big kazak ID: 7D66EA80F6572E5A HACK: assault riffle aim hacker
  14. id:D32C00675E20301C
  15. HEY GUYS I M [SH] CR7 I have a suggestion for hackers , the guy who make hacks have a telegram channel and yt channel u guys just report him on both platforms. whatever the reason just report his channel maybe yt and telegram ban him. whats ur opinions guys. if the guy got ban he dont have another popular account to release or promote mods.
  16. ? I don't have to speak to this do I his id 685CBAF99077C214
  17. Fly hacking duo trying to hide it too, investigate thanks
  18. Aimbot Hacker us20 Name ngọc hàn 07 He Always hit headshot with hunting rifle. Pls Ban Us20 Hacker Thank You. Here is His User And Id. User: ngọc hàn 07 id: A5B7AEC629F4303C
  19. Another I guess brainless monkey but chinese or something either way a hacker you can't leave yuor base go farm or roam just bruh , because of today the server I play on is dying it was always 50 players now barely 30 play cause yuo just can't leave yuor base (hackers id 6F023D29EBD00550) thank you
  20. Bruh I was out farming I had allat of shi on me and this brainless ass monkey shit on me from ar (I was full metal) his id is 6169B61A9A204D29
  21. Ashhh

    Us 3 hacker

    This player is using speed hack and fall through the map hack. At .53 seconds u can see him fall through the ground.
  22. His name is reprintsev on server eu #65 he took our stuff from the cupboards even when it was locked
  23. Shotnik1

    Aim bot

    Us 20 hacker Id: 131ABB4683086050
  24. Thank you for doing nothing for this game i wasted 50€ to nothing im quitting and i hope others will quit because u never ban anyone. Wasted 2 days of my time to die to same fkin hackers. Cant even roam. Kid is aimbotting fluently and u cant even take ur lazy ass to read messages in ur website.
  25. This player was inside my base walls heard foot steps went outside and he was thru my 2nd layer walls without building latter to jump inside my base.