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Found 87 results

  1. ID: 9F547FF3D0396ED6 Nik: Tasakzis
  2. Id: BD97DD61D660312F Сервер: 94 EU
  3. This user has AimKill hack. All people in server US 11 are reporting him and he's still on server killing everyone with AimKill. Please, ban him.
  4. I:D 3F4AE6E07B57E090 Сервер 28 US Суть жалобы даный игрок использует аимкил это видно на видео просьба забанить ( видео доказательства
  5. Hut

    Aim kill

    ебаная шлюха мать его ебал отцу в рот срал в жопу его два негра ебали 433AF0C2BC9E2BE5
  6. Ban the player urgently the drama he has a cheat, he knocks him out at the end when he has little life, urgently ban when I came out of the sleeping bag he killed me with the aim kill, ban urgently, he always plays with the cheat EEE49A715FE382F7
  7. او مرا در سرور شماره 7 ایالات متحده کشت شناسه هکر 9A835DBD66D555FE لطفا تحریم کنید
  8. Sobhan ir


    Thats cheater and no name She say Im Admin For Name
  9. Server 28 us I'd: 9DEA6D09897BF31D Proof
  10. 8A4B886683D4B976 ЧИТЕР HAKER
  11. 2B1A42104EF022CE he killed my friend we lost all please ban he have prime cheats
  12. On US Prime server #35 there is a hacker with aimkill screwing everyone using Tramaps and you do nothing about it. We are already tired of so many hackers and you do not take measures against them. Do something about it this person should not continue screwing up our gaming experience. Its ID is: 2F8072EEEA9CA5B4 Name MikanzZ US Prime #35
  13. Id игрока: B2F2992D75C10231 Сервер/server : [EU][0.3] Oxide #15 Суть жалобы: данный игрок-читер состоит в клане читеров и убивает многих игроков тем самым мешая развиваться в начале он был в броне, но когда га меня нападал он её снял помогите пожалуйста @Catsbit.Guard Доказательства/proof:
  14. Ban the cheater who plays with software and kills regular players already many people he has killed ban him! ID: 61AF3143C921E8B7 Nickname: [NSQ]ERWN
  15. ban the cheater who plays with software and kills regular players already many people he has killed ban him.! ID: 8A4B886683D4B976 Nickname: ЧеловекЯйцо
  16. 62eu [ID:86B23CB2AC5FECC9] YouTube video proof :
  17. 1. 15EU 2. AIMKILL 3. ID 3E68EF673D18D206 4. PROOFS
  18. 1. 15EU 2. SPIDERMAN, AIMKILL 3. AF2B756B9EE619D2 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  19. Ban him, plays with software calls players names in chat, also kills everyone with a kalash kim kill. ID: F3409EDE9138A8C0 Nikname: шако -_-