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Found 17 results

  1. Hacker US 2 level 15 climb Id : 3AE3A9F4169BE89F
  2. F0rest


    He is killing me with Cheat
  3. id: AB8B136C3C23EE81
  4. He walks on walls. Please ban it. Server 44 ID: A2DB1DD1E2A3A6DA
  5. He uses aim daily on all players but now I caught him on film. i dead in 1 sec on full armour metal Id: 748303AC9F19D026 name:Mabka server: 86
  6. Name: liyoo facuu ID:8E0276600235A051 Hack: aimbot and wall hack Banealo arruina el juego @Catsbit.Care
  7. Dear Catsbit Team, I'm Saitarra, one of Oxide Survival Island's Player, im posting this to post ALL of my encountered CHEATERS and ABUSIVE Players. Please Keep an eye on this post, hoping that all of deserving players that are reported gets banned ASAP Sincerely, Saitarra @Catsbit.Care
  8. climb on my house and stay on my roof and kill my friend! 755710B30B456733
  9. dady


    cheater with wallhack on my roof 279F6CDD023409A4
  10. climb on my house and stay on my roof 279F6CDD023409A4
  11. Aoh US

    [US S13]

    These players scaled/climbed over my gate/wall and up the side of my base to my tower and proceed to loot my box's and kill me. I spend way too much time on this game, if I have to play with cheaters I will simply quit. I get kicked for cheating more than the actual cheaters 755710b30b456733. Player id US S13 Ada0d716037e45da player id US S13
  12. We were attacked by 2 cheaters, I filmed the 1st one, but I couldn't film the other one.eu17 server Please ban them they are ruining our game!!! 1st Хйло- CA5D6696587FFE6A 2nd Delarosboyz- 58245B19A7353208 AIM and WALLHACK Video:
  13. Ban fast pls Player- golubika2.0 cheater. Play on server 34, we sent a complaint a lot but did not give a ban. FAST BAN PLS developers. ID: 6718A050761CFA41