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  1. At the current moment there are three(?) main consumables. Meat for food, water bottles for water, and... oh, wait, it's only two. Then what would a third be? Well, this lies in the health consumable department. Here is a list of suggestions made by me related to consumables; items that are a one-time use in order to achieve a certain goal, such as adding hunger/thirst. - Bandages and medkits Bandages and medkits are essential to a survival game such as Oxide. They provide ability to heal actively along with the constant passive healing that comes from hunger and thirst. Here is my recommendation for material cost, amount given, and health healed. Bandage: 5 Cloth for 1x, 10sec to craft. +5HP instantly, +10 HP passively over 30 seconds Medkit: 15 Cloth, 5 Metal Fragments for 1x, 25sec to craft. +20HP instantly, +10HP passively over 15 seconds Bandages and Medkits both require cloth, which as in my last suggestion thread, I stated that cloth needed to have another way to be gained (hemp plants are a great idea), or even delete cloth from being obtained by animals and going for another sole method such as hemp plants (leather to cloth will still give cloth from animals, just in a different way). Medkits require metal due to being actual first aid kits or syringes, along with balancing issues. Both have an animation to prevent spamming for instant health. - Food, but not from animals Yes, currently food doesn't seem to be an issue, but it's not a terrible idea for one reason; food should heal HP, albeit a much smaller amount than actual meds. Therefore, people should have easy access to another type of food—fruit or mushrooms. Mushrooms can be farmed right next to trees, with a high percent of spawning. They are not as great as a food source as meat, but they do the trick. +2HP instantly, +3HP passively over 15 seconds. +5 Satiation (hunger). They do not have an animation, but they do still have a small cooldown to prevent total spamming. Berries can be farmed anywhere, but most prominently in the grasslands next to the main monument. Slightly better than mushrooms, but not by much, berries may be used in the future for medkits, if they're added. It would give incentive to go the main monument to farm berries, create more PvP, and balance them out a bit more. +7 Satiation. +3HP instantly, +5HP passively over 40 seconds. - Bottles should be able to be refilled. Or rather than the bottles themselves, there should be a refillable water container that can be used to drink water from the ocean or lakes. Of course, this comes with its risks. Without properly sterilizing the water of diseases or other gross things, the player can have a 25% chance to take -10HP over 20 seconds due to infection if they drink a swig of 100mL. They can sterilize this water via campfire. - Consumables should be able to be used via hotbar. Self-explanatory, but I don't really like going into my inventory everytime I need a drink or some food because sometimes I'm going to be standing in the open while doing that. Allow edibles to be used via hotbar, where you tap it, and it's eaten/drunk. That's it so far. Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions upon my suggestions, or questions.