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Found 4 results

  1. I played the game since released, the games is quite challenging because of the level rather than the cheaters i've faced for the past years bacause the struggle of newbies to level and compete with dudes with high level advantages or dudes that is 3 (or more), the gun damage today compared to the gun damage in the old days. so i like to request the devs to just make the level exp a bit lower when its increasing and even just a little bit of damage reduction because the guns are abit op and annoying at the same time because its really been a struggle since i came back to the game after seeing the latest update, pls devs i hope you understand. Thankyou!!!
  2. Im in server US14 there are hackers and I have there names. Big bro, hayden,hunter,buttpluz,(atk)hitter and alot more are in it iv seen these guys climb walls i highly suggest yall fix the hacking problem or you might lose a bunch of players, this game has alot of potential, I would be happy to buy items but till the hackers are stopped I won't be.
  3. Allright, everything you need to: Fix, Improve, and ALL Bugs in-game 1. Anticheats: - Kick Players with PING above 222. - Jump sounds for fly hackers. - Better kick system and add Bans. 2. Improve (add) : - Swim sounds, jump sounds. - More hatchets (tools). - Remove hammer from Research. - More Monuments (constructions). - More Servers (Asian, African). - Disable Asians into different servers. - Disable Europeans into different servers aswell for others.
  4. Когда ты на айфоне илы айпаде ты можешь просто выключить интернет и не быть кикнутым и потом берёшь автик зажимаешь в голову персонажа он просто стоит,включаешь инет обратно и чел мгновенно умирает ето очень бесит почти каждый ето юзает :(((((((((( жду когда исправлят