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  1. So if we made a new game based off of sandbox, but made it better and go off of the community's ideas and make it a better game, and all ideas are or can be good, sometimes all it takes to make a bad idea to a good idea is a little changing, So we have so many ideas out there and I have some ideas out there as well (I'm gonna copy and paste some of my ideas here cause I'm lazy), For starters, you should add accounts to the game, cause with accounts you can ban, friend, etc. I'll explain the best banning system I could come up with, Ok for starters, banning would have to be a monitored thing, cause if someone were to just randomly report you for something you didn't do (such as harassment), you wouldn't want him to get banned for no reason, so what I would do if it were my game is setup a chat recorder and monitor the chat (the other upside to this would be that you can read or re-read older texts, the list would have to have a 30MB capacity to keep lag down) And when someone reports someone for let's say harassment, the report bot would scan the chat and find the instance of the harassment, and if there's no evidence for the report, the reporter will get a pop-up saying something along the lines of "the person you reported for *enter report reason* was proven false. You have received a 1 day ban" But for this to happen you would need something like accounts, so if the guy did do that, he can't go to the main screen and change his name, or even worse it ban someone with the same name who was innocent, But for the accounts I'd do a name with none of the "that name is taken" stuff, and you may be wondering "then how would you determine the guilty from the not guilty" Well I'll tell you, with numbers/codes, Let me put it in an example, If you make an account with let's say the name "bob" and you're the first one to make the account with the name "bob" your game name that appears will be "bob" but if someone were to view your profile, there would be a code to go with it, you would have a 10> digit code that would show right below your name, and that could tell someone so much, like they could find out which "bob" you were (if they memorize the code), also the person you would be reporting would be determined by the code (which you can't change), so no more worrying about the wrong guy being banned, cause that would be almost impossible, but the reported guy could change his/her name all he/she wants, but it's not gonna change the code, and the code is what gets you found... (This was my comment on the "Ideas for Sandbox 3D" topic) And the friend list would be a simple to use UI (User Interface), that would allow anyone to send you a friend request, but they would only be friends with you if it was a "mutual agreement" and in English that means that you would have to accept the the friend request in order to be friends. Game system: 1, enable/disable the prop limit 2, set game defaults 3, characters 4, building equipment 5, maps 6, NPC's (optional) 7, Customizable skins and cars 8, prop hot bar _________________________________ (1): Simply adding a Boolean true/false on the prop limit would be both good and awesome, to put it in prospective, if you want to make the ultimate base, like I'm talking just massive, having the build limit off would be the best, or if you wanted to make just a chat room, you would enable the prop limit for optimisation. __________________________________ (2): Setting game defaults, like when a player joins he will either spawn with the default on his delete and build be on or off, and this would be the best for a number of reasons, cause if the server default on delete was set to false, the owner wouldn't have to worries about turning it off in time (if he's one of the join and delete type), And if he does, in the current sandbox game you could disconnect and reconnect and start deleting, but if this game if the default is set to false they wouldn't be able to disconnect and reconnect to delete. Of course the other game defaults will be there, "allow weapons"(Boolean), "Password"(string), "Co-owner"(string that is connected with the friends list), "Blacklisted players"(string connected to the TPL or TotalPlayerList or the PWJML or PlayersWhoJoinedMeList) "Recommend to" (string tied with that friends list) "Music"(Boolean T/F with a MMD or MyMusicData which you would upload a audio file to and add it to a server you own) __________________________________ (3): New characters could equal more fun, you could add the old characters too, but having stuff for people who like to RP, having something like a firefighter or a police officer would be cool. __________________________________ (4): When I say "building equipment" I mean the whole building palette, that includes tools, foundations, walls, windows, doors, floors, and more, having something that aloud us to paint the walls and floors, and even re-texture them from a small selection of textures, like wood, redwood, carpet, linoleum, etc. __________________________________ (5): Maps are one of the most needed for this game, so having a large selection of maps would be beneficial, like having a flat map, an icey map, a desert map, the football field, An empty void with only one platform which would be the spawn point, a water world, a island, And so much more. __________________________________ (6): NPC's an NPC is a non-player-character, meaning it's something that has a list of commands that it could execute at anytime, Like pets, If your thinking advanced pets like an A.I powered pet, it's quite difficult to code an A.I system, but what catsbit could do is a pet that has a script, a pathfinder script basically a script that would make it follow you and if you jump over something like a car, it can either, A, jump over the obstacle that you jumped over. Or B, if it's to high for it to jump it, it goes around it, by finding the path that is the shortest, and if somehow you make it get stuck right in the middle, it randomly picks a side to go. (This was my comment on the "Ideas for Sandbox 3D" topic). __________________________________ (7): Now I don't think the customizable skins is the main thing here, but car texture packs that you can buy in the shop and add to your car (not with real money), Having something like decals you could add with a color picker/wheel, having black car with racing strips seems pretty freaking awesome to me, And having special deals you can buy (WITH real money) could get you some money aswell. __________________________________ (8): Having a hot bar for stuff you use a lot, like let's say your building a mansion, and you keep having to hit an X and then the build menu and then try to find what you're looking for, but with a hot bar with 6-12 slots (You can upgrade the amount of slots with in-game money) And with a hot bar you could pull up a small bar at the bottom or top of the screen with the hot bar, having that would make things way quicker for builders Like me. __________________________________ Making a working anti-hack system for the game, for so long a large part of the hackers on SB3D have used GG (Game Guardian) to hack and exploit the game, but with a little thinking involved, I came up with the perfect way to get rid of the GG users, so I found out a lot of these "hackers" aren't even hackers at all, what they use is called "game guardian" which basically plays a script that is from a small library of cheat scripts, each of them are meant for its own thing, such as bypassing the kick script, infinite health, etc. But it's an app, and what's a flaw you have with apps... Their on your phone, which allows you to detect them if you have something like a "fisher" that looks through the phone and tries to find "game guardian" and if it finds it, you could potentially put an IP ban on the device, or even better (better from our stand point) Is that either you can make something like a separate server that makes all the cheaters play together, or put them in a ban lock that when ever the cheater opens the app, they see a message that says "sorry, not sorry" or "hackers not allowed" Or just make a bunch of random messages that appear one at a time on the screen for ~5 minutes, A super evil message would be a rare one that would say "I'm giving you one more chance. Press the screen and play" And if he/she presses the screen it shows a message in big letters saying "SIKE" while playing the "you got jebaited" song, cause that annoys everyone. But this would make the game fun for the non-cheaters, and a lot less fun for the cheaters, (posted in "how would I be able to partake in the development?" Topic) __________________________________ I might post more in the comments when I think of new ideas. __________________________________ You made it to the bottom, did you read all of it? Cause if you did you are not distracted easily and that's a good thing, congratulations