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  1. I know, that's why I said "a little more" instead of "a lot more", the only people buying in game currencies are the ones that have lots of money and no idea how little amount of things you can buy with said currency
  2. Well ads pay more than you think, like $50-$100 per thousand ads played, and there's an average of 50 servers in a day (combining all the regions) and each server allows 10 players, but players leave and rejoin or leave and someone else joins so you have quite a bit of players joining in a 24 hour time span and it seems like there is at least 1000 connections to servers a day, maybe more, maybe less, it changes from day to day, but it also seems like it only shows an ad to 2 out of 3 times, which sounds good until you look at it in bigger numbers, but they could still be making $50-$100 a day just in ad revenue, and a little more with in-app purchases, still not making near what big brand games are making, but still good for (what seems like) a indie or small team built game
  3. I agree, but even with a game in GTA's size, you still have 200-300 people working on it, so in retrospect, everyone is doing less by having more people work on it. I think the sandbox 3D game has anywhere between a hundred to a thousand dollars invested into the product, and probably only has thousands of dollars in profit, mostly because you can get lots of money through mods, and you don't have much to use the money on, so why would you spend money in a game with little to use the money on, and why buy the money if you can just hack of it, Also, I don't think they have that big of a player base, and not that many people spend money on games, I mean they probably made at least 50K but I could be wrong
  4. GTA probably has millions invested in it and is probably worth billions, and sandbox 3D is a game with probably hundreds of dollars invested in it and worth thousands
  5. Well keep in mind that GTA is made by a huge team of developers (easily 200 people) with lots of money and do that as their job, where as catsbit Is probably a small team of developers with not a lot of money and do this in their spare time, it seems kinda unfair to compare the two
  6. This is very true, Even doing something "simple" like fixing a bug, there is SOOO much you have to do, like find out what is causing the bug, wether that be a simple true/false event, or a big syntax error, and the more advanced the scripts are, the harder it might be to find that one "a" needed to be an "A". And adding new stuff like guns is difficult to do as well, because now you're trying to make a new model or find a gun model online that offers the license to use it for cheap or free, then you have to find sounds, animations, physics, variables (such as: ammo), raycasting, effects and test the crap out of it, you have to try and tackle it from all angles and make sure there aren't any bugs, you'd want to make sure it won't work when you hold down the fire button and press the aim button while holding the fire button and have to gun "auto shoot" or even try to press the fire button and then go home while holding the button, or the power button. But I can't help to feel like this whole thing could be an April fool's joke, but let's not think that and hope it was just a coincidence that they decided to try and update it near the beginning of April
  7. @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Care I know this is a long shot, but by any chance is it inspired by my idea with the accounts on one of my comments on the "ideas for sandbox 3D" topic? Cause I said "if you make an account with let's say the name "bob" and you're the first one to make the account with the name "bob" your game name that appears will be "bob" but if someone were to view your profile, there would be a code to go with it, you would have a 10> digit code that would show right below your name, and that could tell someone so much, like they could find out which "bob" you were" And I'm talking about specifically the "10> digit code" thing Cause idk if that's where you got the inspiration from or it's purely a coincidence (And if you're reading this and thinking I'm asking because I want credit you're wrong, I just want to know because that means I had a good enough idea that it got put in a game, maybe not the game I was originally talking about, but, it's in a game)
  8. Also, can there be vehicle health? Other players hide in cars when they're being shot at then they get out and shoot you, and then get in when you try to shoot them, and then they get out and shoot till you're dead. I think having a different amount of health per vehicle would be best (I'm trying think about this in a logical way and you don't have to do it to the exact). The list of HP per vehicle (only the starter cars and some other stuff and the stuff that I brought up): SUV: ~250 HP Truck: ~200 HP Cop car: ~350 HP The classic cars (both): ~200 HP hatchback: ~150 HP Bus: ~400 HP Motorcycles: ~80-100 HP News helicopter: ~450 HP Police helicopter: ~700 HP UH-60: ~1000 HP AH-64: ~1300 HP, the 30mm machine gun should do ~45 DP per bullet and have a RPM of ~1000 (and that's nerfed) M1 Abrams: ~2000 HP, the DP of the turret should be ~650 DP and an extra 200 DP for expensive ammo (of you wanna do that). HUMVEE: ~1000 HP, the roof mounted gun should do about 20 DP per bullet and shoot ~400 rounds per minute. Ok I know I only said anything about vehicles but I think the walls and stuff should have some HP so you can shoot them down or run through them with a tank (or car but not likely to break the wall before the vehicle). Big building parts: ~500 HP Small building parts: ~250 HP Furniture: 10-100 HP depending on size. If you want a full list you can tell me and I'll get on it.
  9. It would be awesome to have more than 2 helicopters, I think we should have something like the UH-60 Blackhawk, or the AH-64 Apache helicopter with a working 30 mm machine gun (probably need to nerf it to make it somewhat fair). Also, can you make some helicopters have multiple seating, that would be cool. As far as land vehicles, could we get the Humvee with the mounted machine gun, you would need a second player for the roof gun. Maybe a tank too, like the M1 Abrams, being able to crash through walls and other smaller things sounds so fun to do. Of course you could add other vehicles too, but the ones I listed are the ones that stuck out to me, I'm pretty sure these would be pretty expensive in the shop though, but I think it would be worth it all
  10. I have no idea how this works, and idk if what I said even is true (probably not). Its an interesting way of trapping animals, specifically deer (the other animals attack), idk how you could fix this, but I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's supposed to work IRL, this worked multiple time in a row, so its not just a one time glitch. Also, the animals keep running away from me and going into the ocean (where players can't go), I don't think this is a fair tactic to use, mainly cause I can't get the food and other stuff, can you give them the same boundaries as the players? Thx Video.mp4
  11. Well they couldn't get banned unless they had evidence that you did anything to break the rules, like: Without reason they could get banned again for improper use of reporting, And that would be frowned upon, Cause trying to ban someone out of spite is majorly pathetic, if you have a reason to do it then it would be perfectly fine, but saying "They should be permanently banned for reporting me" Would be out right stupid and not allowed, Reporting without reason would be like suing without reason, Like imagine, Judge: "And what are you suing this multi billion dollar company for?" Random a$$hole player: "idk..." They wouldn't allow you to do that, Same would be applied to this system, kinda like an honor system, Like you know you did something wrong, so you just be a chill person and do the time. Or there's the Karen: "you tried to ban me for harassment, oh no, I'm gonna report you for reporting me, and Im a friend of catsbit and I can make you be mega banned, like banned completely" That would break the honor system and would put you under bam time for whatever you were reported for plus for breaking the honor system. Which would be a better way to make player be nicer, cause who likes being banned...
  12. Also, don't think offensive people are cool. racism is also offensive. The same with: Sexism. Making fun of mental illnesses. Threats. Body shaming. Etc... The point is that cool people aren't the ones who offend people. The person who stands up for the people who are facing the a$$holes who are offending them are the actual cool people. Now which are you, The offender, or the defender
  13. Omg, ok @bjb3n, you can't only think there is only one type of banning, I'm betting you're one of the bully's and are only saying this so they don't add it and you keep cyber bullying. And if not, you are crazy to say the least, not ever banning system works as a click and ban the person. banning would actually help sandbox 3D a lot, cause then it'll be a more friendly environment for people. Most systems run a background check, like if a guy said something offensive (like something racist), and someone reported it, the system would preform a quick server chat history search that would determine if what he said falls under the category of racism, like if he said "black people suck" then the system would put the account that said it in ban time. So don't think there's only one type of banning... PS I'm not a racist, I put the "black people suck" in quotes, meaning I don't mean it. racists can burn in the highest level of hell (cause heat rises)...
  14. Just imagine if it was made with Unreal Engine, it could be realistic AF
  15. I'm pretty sure racists and other people like that are what ruined the game