Bruh, No PVE Servers, And PTW

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I find it dumb how you say that it won’t be paid to win, but yet you need to pay $15 to basically have roof access to anyone’s base. Also, there is no PVE servers. Not to mention the fact that the microphone isn’t fixed for iOS, please just tell me what is new inside of this, the only thing I saw was an item wipe, and pay to win vehicles. Also, what the hell is prime, it doesn’t make any sense. @[CC] xAnony @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev

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Just now, [CC] xAnony said:


Care has explained in news why the Buggy and chopper is currently only available with payment. 

[To make sure the servers are not getting overwhelmed with the new transport] this can cause alot of Lagg and issues for the players and servers. So they made it a payment to control the amount of times its getting used and what it can do in a server. 


PvE is something that has been added since it was requested a-long time ago. This removes the use of hackers. And so that new players can check the game it self without dealing with death. 


It's not their intention to make the game P2W I know at first it might seems that way but it ain't 

K, sorry for my misunderstanding, but what does a prime server do exactly?

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