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If the new armor is broken, why not add a broken gun which could also take out new armor easily?

The gun suggestions are:-

I) Sniper rifle with shots enough to kill a full iron armor set wearing player :-

a)Scope + 4 headshots for full iron armor player [Recommended]

b)Without scope + 4 headshot for full iron armor player [Good]

c)Scope + 3 headshots for full iron armor player [Highly Recommended]

d)Without scope +  3 headshots for full iron armor player [Recommended]

e)Scope + 2 headshots for full iron armor player [Broken]

f)Without scope +  2 headshots for full iron armor player [Broken]

Any of these options + suggestion would be great for next update, hope you add a new gun atleast which would be powerful enough to easily take out iron armor except for rocket launchers.


Also, the options may change with change in capacity, reloading speed, recoil, stability and power.

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