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  1. Bro he is a noob with no skills XD His age may be lower than that
  2. {The symbol '*' is showing important suggestions} {The symbol '~' is showing the suggestions that doesn't matter much} ~1) Global chat: Make a chat system where people from worldwide can chat but at a cost for optimizing the spam created when people chat. 2) Make chat system for in-game servers i.e. after player joins, they can chat in a specefic column, where messages do not disappear and keeps moving up as per new messages+ refreshing of the recent messages for the player who rejoins the server or leaves. *3) Make a team recruiting system through server in-game chat or player's list fron where people can send invitation to others for teaming and the request when accepted, the teammates can't damage each other {explosions and friendly fire setting may apply} also add the setting option for blocking requests from settings or from the request of player itself. 4) Add Simple accelerated vehicles such as skateboards, or bycicles which doesn't create any server lag and can be drafted after Lamp or High wooden doors and walls {spare cost 500} for the faster transportation of the players. If you have any offence regarding suggestions {whether it is worthless or waste of time} please do mention in replies.
  3. Hey! It's an epic update! I didn't even expect vehicles to come. Since they have added vehicles at a cost for minimzing its use for the sake of server, they should add a skateboard or something like bycicle that doesn't create any lag for the server and can be drafted worth 500 spares [After High wooden doors and walls or ceiling lights]. So that people who can't will to spend money can give their efforts for getting their transportation faster. {Offence is accepted}
  4. He must get the damn privelliges
  5. Difference of 2 seconds can be it
  6. Dream come true for me The way noobs with rocket launchers quit when I give them their own response {i.e. by using rockets on them} and killing noobs who disconnect in between with fear of bow, they all will be dead if so happens . Unfortunately this can never be added as it can be an item loss for the players since hackers can just run and reach the afks' in 2 secs and rest 3 secs, they are dead. No doubt this isn't bad but people nearby can also take advantage of this as 5 seconds are enough for one to kill
  7. Miss those old days when I used to hunt with a hunting rifle and even killed people with rockets at that time . Hope the update comes sooner.
  8. нет, только ошибка в написании при переводе, а не смысл!
  9. Привет @[CC] xAnony Это должно быть здорово, что вы помогаете этому сообществу форума oxid, могу ли я также знать, что работа в качестве помощника требует одобрения, или любой может {официальным образом}
  10. @Looking for hackers Player ID please
  11. He is alien coz there is no woman in the game