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  1. Been so long, still no update lol. Despite I have found better games than this cuz it is so slow in developing, so I would suggest to make an eco-friendly staff, i.e. if you don't have much commercial then make a forum or a Topic in which you can create a google form, where players who are honest, experienced and trusted would participate if they want to become mod and help it fasten its growth, development and etc things that are slow must be focused, commercial growth is also important so do an eco-friendly or low budget staff for help. I think you should have tried and failed, but try to post it once in forum so that players can participate with certain requirements: like playtime, experience, thought about Oxide, What makes them want to help you, etc, etc. @Catsbit.Care
  2. You have gone way too far with your suggestions' list, maybe you should put it again after the alpha testing of game is over
  3. Mentioning A few changes that are good for better gameplay 1] Full wooden armor : Defense : 20% Frost: 10% 2]Full bone armor: Defense: 45% Frost:25% 3] Full leather armor: Defense: 60% Frost: 50% [Same but wearing leather vest, or any other leather armor alone with full iron armor excluding one wear, will make frost 17.5%, atleast two leather armor wears should be wore at same time with iron armor for protection from cold.] 4] Full Iron armor: Protection 70% with least chances of bleeding (for future) and Frost : 5% [Iron is a bad insulator (good conductor), so that players could not roam in frozen areas with iron armor.]
  4. Regarding this, it is definitely gonna take a long time because the moderators of Oxide are a lot busy dealing with uncountable number of bugs, so you can just avoid it by being cautious whenever you farm and leave in between whenever you get busy with other things. Honestly, I have also faced such situations back to 6-7 months when I was farming scrap and went off-defense for a minute resulted in shot by an assault rifle. Since then I have never got killed by any sneaky person despite I have caught many and baited them showing them that I didn't notice them [of course baiting is also risky and got killed many times but not if professional]. In the end, try to avoid and be cautious of stealth kings [Silent noobs who cannot attack from front or take easy kill].
  5. All guns are fine but Rifle mag should stay 2 only, because reloading it after every shot would be a big problem...
  6. and oh BTW, this happens when I play through emulator on pc (bluestacks 5) I know this is not illegal to play with but it just kicks me often
  7. @Catsbit.care the number of kicking is #1 many times, even today I got kicked many times with no bugging or hacking. I am a lot pissed as I can't even jump while running continuously in order to make no noise but this kicks me with reason suspected cheating #1. Very annoying and troublesome to play this, it disrupts gameplay.
  8. If the new armor is broken, why not add a broken gun which could also take out new armor easily? The gun suggestions are:- I) Sniper rifle with shots enough to kill a full iron armor set wearing player :- a)Scope + 4 headshots for full iron armor player [Recommended] b)Without scope + 4 headshot for full iron armor player [Good] c)Scope + 3 headshots for full iron armor player [Highly Recommended] d)Without scope + 3 headshots for full iron armor player [Recommended] e)Scope + 2 headshots for full iron armor player [Broken] f)Without scope + 2 headshots for full iron armor player [Broken] Any of these options + suggestion would be great for next update, hope you add a new gun atleast which would be powerful enough to easily take out iron armor except for rocket launchers. Also, the options may change with change in capacity, reloading speed, recoil, stability and power.
  9. @[??] ?????? @catsbit.dev please reply atleast tell that there will be solution in future
  10. Server just kicks you when you are running or just anything related to motion, it kicks you several times if you stay online for long on PvE servers. At First I thought it should be some bug that does not seem to occur frequently but now it has reached its limit, each time I run for a long time EVEN WITHOUT USING ANY HAX I am just getting kicked every single time and I am pissed off of this damn bug. Can't even play properly play a single game without getting kicked, I am damned about this. If this continues, I am happy to leave and give this game 1/5 stars on play store so that other users won't waste their time on this. Kindly fix this asap, make the hacker detector better so that it kicks only the ones who actually cheat or do offline and online trick under wooden foundation. If this gets fixed, I would appreciate your efforts so kindly make this alpha game a better one and release its ORIGINAL version without any bugs. Looking forward to reveal more irritating bugs for their fixture. Regards Henry_Cool
  11. Well regarding this, I am clear that animals can be killed right now, anyways thanks for not replying
  12. Can we finally kill animals in PvE servers for getting cloth and leather? I have been away from oxide for quite a long time. Just came a few days ago. So I don't know what much has changed since past few months. Hoping for someone's answer to my question.
  13. Bro he is a noob with no skills XD His age may be lower than that
  14. {The symbol '*' is showing important suggestions} {The symbol '~' is showing the suggestions that doesn't matter much} ~1) Global chat: Make a chat system where people from worldwide can chat but at a cost for optimizing the spam created when people chat. 2) Make chat system for in-game servers i.e. after player joins, they can chat in a specefic column, where messages do not disappear and keeps moving up as per new messages+ refreshing of the recent messages for the player who rejoins the server or leaves. *3) Make a team recruiting system through server in-game chat or player's list fron where people can send invitation to others for teaming and the request when accepted, the teammates can't damage each other {explosions and friendly fire setting may apply} also add the setting option for blocking requests from settings or from the request of player itself. 4) Add Simple accelerated vehicles such as skateboards, or bycicles which doesn't create any server lag and can be drafted after Lamp or High wooden doors and walls {spare cost 500} for the faster transportation of the players. If you have any offence regarding suggestions {whether it is worthless or waste of time} please do mention in replies.
  15. Hey! It's an epic update! I didn't even expect vehicles to come. Since they have added vehicles at a cost for minimzing its use for the sake of server, they should add a skateboard or something like bycicle that doesn't create any lag for the server and can be drafted worth 500 spares [After High wooden doors and walls or ceiling lights]. So that people who can't will to spend money can give their efforts for getting their transportation faster. {Offence is accepted}