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Hello! I have another suggestion I would like to give y’all one is when you find a gun in survival simulator you can research it in a research table and you have have the blueprint for the weapon you researched and when you want to craft it you need the appropriate workbench for it here are some pictures of what I’m talking about thanks and keep up the great work!



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And here’s the things you can craft if you have the right workbench and what researching looks like C573E999-B0D1-4556-94A9-2091EB6CDC5C.thumb.jpeg.c2cda82993e87e727b7ed18c48999553.jpeg8A1CFF01-4FE8-4256-8A9A-BDE5B639876D.png.8db0475ee1a8a5b037aee0dc3bafc28a.png



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